A Look Back At My 2018 Goals Was I Successful? Or Not?

Hello bookworms!!

For someone who doesn’t really set goals every year I sure did set myself a lot of them for 2018. Now is the time where I find out how I did because for the most part I will set the goals and then forget about them until it’s time to reflect on them. So lets see how I did.


  •  Wake up early: So my plan was to wake up at 7 during the week and actually stay awake. Yeah technically this didn’t happen but I have started waking up a lot earlier than I used to. I used to sleep in until like 11 or 12 which I will admit I did a few times earlier in the year and I regretted it every time because I felt like crap. For the most part this year I have been waking up between 8 and 10 with the latest being 10:30. So while not exactly what my goal was I am still considering it a win but I do want to work on it some more and make it more consistent.
  • Drink more water/Drink less Dr. Pepper: These next 2 go together. I am a Dr. Pepper addict. I know it’s bad for me especially how much I drink of it so I have tried several times to cut them out and have failed every time. If I don’t have them I get really bad headaches so I always go back to drinking them because I am a baby when it comes to headaches. So yes I once again failed at cutting out Dr. Pepper but I did start drinking more water so that was a win at least. I will say I have started trying to cut out Dr. Pepper again this month. I was drinking diet sodas instead but those were giving me even worse headaches so I had to stop drinking those. I’ve done good so far because I have only had 1 Dr. Pepper this month but these headaches sure are killing me.
  • Skincare: I’ve never gotten a facial before and I really wanted to get one this year but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Maybe I can make it happen next year.


  • Save Money: Yeah this was a big fail this year. Every time we tried to save money we always needed it for something.


  • Read 100 books: This is one that I am extremely proud of. I have never read 100 books in 1 year and this year I have actually surpassed that. At the time of me writing this 12/17 I have read 113 books and the year isn’t even over yet.
  • Classics: I wanted to continue reading classics because I was determined to find one that I could call a favorite and I have actually done that. I probably read about 5 classics this year maybe more I’m not really sure but my favorite so far is Anne of Green Gables.
  • Read 24,000 pages: Again another one I have surpassed. As of November I have read 30,363 pages and I still have to add Decembers page count to it.
  • Reread: So because I was running out of room on my little bookshelf I had to start packing the books that I have already read and putting them in storage to make room for more books so this is one goal that I am ok with failing.


  • More followers: This is something that I don’t really pay a whole lot of attention to. I mean I love getting followers but that’s not what it’s all about for me. In 2017 I ended the year with 439 followers so I thought 800 followers in 2018 would be doable and as of right now at 6:54 pm on 12/17 I have 786 followers. I still have 2 weeks left in the year so I could still hit 800 but if not that’s ok to because it’s still a win for me in my book.
  • Giveaway: I did host a giveaway this year but unfortunately it was another one that didn’t include my international followers which was the one thing I wanted to do. Unfortunately this year our financial stability has been all over the place but I promise as soon as I am financially stable enough I will do an international giveaway.

So I would say I was successful at half of my goals for the year which I am pretty happy with. I think I had more success with my reading goals then any of the other goals. How did you do with your goals for the year?


23 thoughts on “A Look Back At My 2018 Goals Was I Successful? Or Not?

  1. You did awesome with your goals Misty, also I understand your headaches. I used to get them when I didn’t have coca cola. It took some time to pass, but eventually they went away. I think it was because of the cut in caffeine, but not sure.

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    1. Thank you Luna!! I think it does have to do with the lack of caffeine and I’ve tried to stick it out but headaches are so bad that I just end up giving in. I’m trying to stick it out this time but who knows if I will make it.

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  2. Woo! Well done with the goals you worked on and accomplished this year. 🙂 I still need to go over my goals for last year and plan mine for the year to come so this was good inspiration! 😀
    I hope you have an amazing new year! ❤

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