Origin Of The Sphinx by Raye Wagner

Origin of the Sphinx

Title: Origin of the Sphinx 

Author: Raye Wagner 

Pages: 70

Series: The Sphinx 0.5 

Format: Ebook 

Source: Own 

My Rating: 3.5 stars


Origin of the Sphinx is a prequel novella in the Curse of the Sphinx series.

In Ancient Greece, the invocation “May the Gods watch over you” was more than a spoken blessing. It was an entreaty for divine benevolence.

Phoibe, daughter of Hera, is content. Raised by her aunt, her life is quiet, filled with milling grain and spinning wool. But after her Hestia celebration, Eros, god of love, visits the small town of Belen.

And now Phoibe will have to choose—

If she marries a mortal, she risks eternal solitude for a moment of love.

If she follows her heart, she risks spurning a god.

The gods are enormously powerful, but they don’t fix problems.

They make bigger ones.

Uncover the curse. . .

My Thoughts

This is the prequel to The Curse of the Sphinx which I also own and after reading this I really want to read the next book.

This was a really quick read and you begin to care for the characters just enough to want to continue on and see how things work out for them.

I will say the author skips forward a lot which for the most part worked fine but there was and instance at the very beginning where it didn’t work very well and it took me a few pages to realize what had happened and to not be confused.

This is a short review but I don’t really have a whole lot to say about it. I did enjoy it and I want to continue on with the series.


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