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Favorite Reads of 2018

Hello bookworms!!

It’s time to share my favorite books from the year. These aren’t in any particular order because that’s way to difficult to decide. Saying that I do have one book that is definitely in the number 1 spot for the year. Lets get to it shall we.

Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda

Lets just start with my favorite book of the year. I absolutely loved this book, so much so that I read it 3 times in 1 month and I have wanted to read it again ever since then but I have way to many other books to read but you better believe this will be a book I come back to over and over again. I just absolutely loved the romance in this book I got all giddy while reading it especially toward the end. My Review!!

I put off staring this series for so long but once I finally started it I couldn’t get enough. There’s only one book in the series left and I can’t wait to read it when it’s released next year. My favorite part of these is the romance as well. Thomas and Audrey Rose are so perfect and the banter between them is amazing. Book 1 Book 2 Book3

Another trilogy I put off reading and regret doing so. I don’t read a whole lot of sci-fi and the format in which it is written made me a little apprehensive to pick it up but I am so glad I did because I absolutely loved it. I am already planning to listen to the audiobooks of these next year. If there’s a romance in a book that I read you better believe I latch on to them because I just love romance so of course I love the romance in these but there’s also so much action as well as the format that hooked me.

The next 3 books are all from the same author and I loved every single one of them. James has become a favorite author of mine. I have read every book he has written and I will read every book he comes out with. He does an amazing job with his characters and he’s so good at not giving away the culprits until the very end. Of course there are little touches of romance in his books but they aren’t the focus but I still love them. FF AC BHA

And the last 3. Y’all know classics are hit or miss with me so I am happy to see that 2 classics have made it to my favorites list. First is Anne of Green Gables and I just loved her character and how dramatic she is but yet she is always so upbeat. Then there’s the Nutcracker. It’s a little bit long but I absolutely adored the story and it’s one I want to come back to every year. And last up is Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks. I mean y’all definitely should have seen this one coming. If I read one of his books I am bound to love it no matter what.

Have you read any of my favorites? Are they your favorites as well? What Are your favorite books of the year?




20 thoughts on “Favorite Reads of 2018

    1. I knew from the moment I finished Simon that it was going to be my absolute favorite for the year. I can’t wait to reread the Illuminae files on audiobook. Yeah his books always make my favorites. I can’t wait for his next release. Thank you!!💕

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  1. I was SO set on reading Watching Glass Shatter in 2018 and I didn’t! I’m so disappointed in myself.. And now I don’t even know where my copy’s at, with the move and all so who knows when I’ll actually read it. But read it eventually I will!

    I’ve yet to read Escaping from Houdini. Loved the other books so it’s only a matter of time before I do. I think it’s in one of the final boxes I packed up so I should.. be able to find it? I think? Ugh. Moving is hell when you love your books. 🙂

    Simon vs. is definitely one of my top reads as well! I’m not much of a rereader, at all, but I did reread that one so that’s saying plenty.

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    1. Hey as long as you read it eventually it’s all good. 😊

      Have you seen the synopsis for the last book Capturing the Devil yet? I saw it yesterday and I’m so excited for it.

      I reread every now and then but I couldn’t stop thinking about that book so I read it over and over again lol. I also plan to probably reread it again this year.

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      1. I just happened to stumble across the authors Instagram post yesterday and saw it. It kind of has me a little worried lol.

        Simon vs. is such an easy and quick read that it’s perfect for rereads


      2. I’m barely on Instagram anymore, especially since I can’t even post pictures with my books all packed up and such. It’s too confronting and makes me miss my shelves a whole lot.
        It has me sooo intrigued! Although I’m expecting the dark vibes to be even bigger with a title like that one..


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      3. I get on Instagram and scroll through a little everyday. I hate the algorithm now so I don’t like it as much. I am trying to be more active on there this year but I am horrible at pictures so we will see how that goes. Hopefully you will have your shelves set back up before too long.
        I am curious what this book is “based” off of. Like the other three were Jacks the Ripper, Dracula, and Houdini so who is this one? I haven’t been able to figure it out. I’m a little worried for Thomas and Audrey Rose in the last book because of the synopsis lol.

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      4. Same with the algoritm. And I feel like I’m simply not good at taking pictures either, which is why I wasn’t really.. very active on it in the first place? I had my moments but ever since packing up my books, I just can’t be bothered anymore. I solely go on there to check people’s stories once in a while, haha.
        We’ll see! I have purposely not read the synopsis so I’ll be surprised when I get to pick it up, haha.

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      5. Yeah I’ve come to the realization that I will take pictures the best that I can and if people don’t like it then they don’t have to follow me. I enjoy talking about the books and sharing pictures and that’s all that matters. I’m not going to stress over if they are the best or not. They don’t have to be all elaborate. I hope it is good.

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