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My Year In Books – 2018


Hello bookworms!!

I love that Goodreads keeps up with these stats although I do wish they would keep up with other stuff like genres read etc.. Anyways some of these stats are wrong and I will talk more about that when we get to it. Thanks to Goodreads for all the images. I just took screenshots of everything. Lets jump in shall we.


Just like last year their page count is way off from my final count. I have actually read 32,229 pages this year. I keep track of pages read in my journal. Sometimes I have to count the pages myself especially with ebooks so I am sure my final count is off but not by that much.


I knew that IT by Stephen King was going to be the longest book I read this year but I thought that one of the children’s books I read would have been the shortest. As for the average length I feel like I have read a lot of bigger books this year but I could be wrong.


Of course Harry Potter is the most popular book. Everyone always rereads it toward the end of the year. As for Cleo’s Big Idea: One Thing Leads to Another I really hope more people read this book. I really enjoyed it and I loved the message it was portraying.


My average rating has gone down from last year. In 2017 my average rating was 4.1 and now it’s 3.7. I realized that I gave out 5 star ratings like crazy so I decided I wanted to be picky with what books I was giving 5 stars to and apparently I did that. Yay Jays book is the highest rated book out of all the books I read which is amazing and so deserved.

I started the year on a high not with Father Figure which again is amazing and ended on a high note with Among Us.

Random Statistics

New to me authors – 77

Already read authors – 16

So I apparently read a lot of new to me authors instead of reading books by authors I already know and love which isn’t a bad thing but I would love to read more by those authors as well.

Male Authors – 32

Female author – 62

I literally just sat here for like 20 minutes or so figuring this up because I never keep track of this. I read more female authors than male authors which I did last year too but this year I read more male authors than I did last year.

Star Ratings

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ‘s – 17

★ ★ ★ ★’s – 50

★ ★ ★’s – 33

★ ★’s – 9

★’s – 1

No Rating – 6

Last year I gave 38 books 5 stars so I definitely cut back on that but my 4 stars has gone up from 27.

This post always takes me a long time to put together. I really need to start keeping track of some of these as I am reading so I will have it ready to go. Another Journal page idea. The next post will be a list of all the books I read in 2018. How was the year for you?




19 thoughts on “My Year In Books – 2018

    1. I need to do a spread in my journal to keep up with those stats so I am not having to go through every book I read the day that I plan on do these posts lol. Yeah I don’t even do it on purpose. I really want to work on reading books by authors that I have read before.

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  1. You had a great reading year, well done!! I love the stats that you have done up at the end, so much so that I am going to write the headings down and keep track of them with my reading this year as something fun to do! Wishing you a great 2019!!!!

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  2. Loved reading this! I’m trying to put together a post with 2018 stats and it is very hard. I love that goodreads does a nice summary, but like you mention, it isn’t always accurate. Looks like you had a great year! ♥️ Happy reading in 2019!

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