Diverse Divers And Goodreads Reading Challenge

Hello bookworms!!

Lili from Lili’s Blissful Pages and Vinny from Artsy Draft have created a Goodreads Group called Diverse Divers and the aim for this group is to read a diverse book every month. There will be spoiler and non spoiler discussions on each book as well. They did a poll for everyone to vote on the first book we read this year and Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy was the winner. My goal is to participate every month so long as I don’t have a lot of other things I need to do and so long as I can get the book. Also the graphic above is curtsy of Lili.


I always participate in the Goodreads Reading Challenge. Last year I set my goal for 100 books not thinking I would actually reach that and I surprised myself by reading 120 so I decided to try and read 100 books again. If you want to see all of the books I read throughout the year and you’re not already following me you can do so here.

I’m almost finished with all of these challenge posts. I think I have one more and then I can move on to my January posts.


8 thoughts on “Diverse Divers And Goodreads Reading Challenge

  1. I’m looking forward to our discussions regarding the book Misty. 🙂 🙂 I also set 100 for this year’s reading challenge but hope i can read more. You really did a great job last year. I remember you joining too many readathons including our 24-hour Readathons. 🙂 Goodluck this year.

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