January TBR (2019)


Hello bookworms!!

We are already 10 days into the month so this post is going up a little late but better late than never though right? I have signed up for so many challenges this year so I am going to try to choose most of my TBR based on those challenges.

Lets see what books I hope to read this month

Pet Sematary – I am reading this as part of the Stephen King Read-a-long that Janel hosts on Instagram. Every month we read a different King book and Januarys pick was Pet Sematary. I’m already halfway through this and I’m really enjoying it.

A Study in Scarlet – This is the first book we are reading in the #CatchUpOnClassics challenge. I will be starting this one on Sunday.

Dumplin – I finished this one on the 1st. I started it last month be held off on finishing it until this month so I could participate in Diverse Divers.

Those were the only 3 books I knew for sure I was going to be reading. I am participating in Devour Your TBR this year as well and Januarys challenge is #JanJamJar so I don’t know what I will be reading for that until I have pulled it out. If you want to see a list of books that I could potentially read just click here. Along with that is Late-A-Thon and since those book are also in my TBR jar I don’t know which ones I will end up reading so click here for a list of those books.

I am also reading for Romanceopoly but once again I don’t know which books I will be reading until I have rolled the dice and moved around the board.

Yeah this post is pretty crappy. Hopefully next month after I’ve gotten the hang of things my TBR will be better organized.



17 thoughts on “January TBR (2019)

    1. I need to come up with a better way to do these posts this year since I have so many challenges lol. I should be finished with Pet Sematary sometime next week. I am really enjoying it though. I’m just a little over halfway through it. I really enjoyed the Dumplin’ movie. I feel like some things like the pageant are better in a visual format than a written format.

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      1. I will add it to my watch list.

        Yeah last year I was posting Monday-Friday. In December I posted everyday because I am thinking about doing blogmas in December this year and I wanted to see if I could do it and I haven’t stopped yet lol.

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