The ABC Book Challenge “A”

the abc book challenge

Hello bookworms!!

I have finally decided to do this challenge. I seen this a lot last year and really wanted to do it but I saved it for the new year. I am not sure who the creator of this is so if you know please mention it in the comments so I can credit them.

I plan to spread this out over the entire year so I will be doing a letter every other week and since I am posting this one on Sunday I will most likely post every other Sunday. I’ve decided to keep each section to 3 books maximum so these posts don’t get too long. In each post I will share my most memorable books and the books that are still on my TBR that corresponds to the specific letter of the post. Also I won’t be counting A and The.

Like I said this is going to be spread out over the year so it’s going to be a long one. I hope you all enjoy these post.

Most memorable titles that start with “A”

Aggravated Momentum – I was pleasantly surprised by this book last year. It’s full of twists that you won’t see coming and it’s full of unlikable characters. It gets right to the point from the very beginning with the first murder.

Anne of Green Gables – I listened to the audiobook of this and I absolutely loved it. Anne is so adorable and I loved how upbeat and imaginative she was despite her hardships.

Academic Curveball – This is the first book in the Braxton Campus Mysteries series and it’s the 3rd book that Jay has written and I loved it. Jay is easily a favorite author of mine and I look forward to reading his next book.

Books on my TBR starting with “A”

I have so many more books on my TBR starting with “A” but since I limited myself these are the ones I chose. I am not going to be talking about my TBR books because I’ve obviously not read them yet and don’t really have anything to say about them right now. I will say that I will be reading All Your Perfects very soon.

Have you read any of the books I mentioned above? What did you think of them? Which one of my TBR books do you think I should move to the top of my TBR pile?


14 thoughts on “The ABC Book Challenge “A”

    1. Yeah Anne of Green Gables is probably my favorite classic up to this point. I’ve heard a lot of people saying they didn’t like how the trilogy ends. I have all of the books so I want to read them. I read book one and enjoyed it so now I just need to read the last 2.


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