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Hello bookworms!!

Thank you so much Jenna from Bookmark Your Thoughts for tagging me in the What’s On My Bookshelf Tag and sorry it took me so long to do. While drafing this I realize I have done this tag before. You can see my original answers here. I am going to do it again but I will try not to use the same books I chose last time. The creator of this tag is Naty from Naty’s Bookshelf. You should definitely go and follow both of their blogs.

A Library Book

A Study in Scarlet

A Book You Got As A Gift

lost in a book

A Childhood Book

This answer is the same as last time. I don’t remember what I read when I was a child and I don’t have any books on my shelf from my childhood.

A Magical Book

The Darkest Minds

A Romantic Book

All Your Perfects

A Steamy Book


An Old Book


A Book That Makes You Happy And/Or Laugh


A Book That Makes You Emotional

November 9

A Book Whose Ending You Dislike


A Book You Wish Had Illustrations

I can’t think of a book for this one this time. Last time I chose Heir of Ashes by Jina S. Bazzar but I don’t want to choose that one again.

A Book Or Genre You Love To Read On A Rainy Day

The answer for this one is the same as last time and it will probably never change. I don’t have a certain book or genre I like reading on rainy days. I read whatever I want to whenever I feel like it regardless of the season or weather or anything else.

There we go. Some of these books I haven’t actually read yet so I might be wrong about what they entail. If you want to do this tag then consider yourself tagged.


24 thoughts on “What’s On My Bookshelf Tag

      1. That’s very true for classics. They’re either brilliant or… bigoted messes. What are some that you liked recently? I liked Jane Eyre, The Handmaid’s Tale and I started (and I’m loving) Age of Innocence.

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  1. Sorry, commenting again… I didn’t mean to hit the post button. I was going to say that I too don’t really change my reading based upon the weather I just keep reading what I am reading. I never really noticed a seasonal reading habit. I think maybe I try and read more horror in October if anything.

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  2. I’m glad you got around to doing this tag!! It’s a lot of fun! And no worries, love — I JUST caught up on a bunch of tags this past week ha-ha!!

    I actually really liked “Darkest Minds” — NOT a fan of the movie though. I wish I was, but I’m not lol. That Beauty and the Beast one looks adorable!!

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    1. I’m still working on catching up on tags from last year. I’m also currently reading The Darkest Minds now. I halfway through it right now and I’m enjoying it. I do want to watch the movie at some point as well. My husband bought me the Beauty and the Beast one because I love Beauty and the Beast. I’ve had it for a while now and I still haven’t read it.

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