Pet Sematary by Stephen King

Pet Sematary

Title: Pet Sematary

Author: Stephen King

Format: Paperback

Pages: 542 pages

Source: Own

My Rating: 4 stars


Discover the classic #1 New York Times bestseller from master storyteller Stephen King!

When Dr. Louis Creed takes a new job and moves his family to the idyllic and rural town of Ludlow, Maine, this new beginning seems too good to be true. Yet despite Ludlow’s tranquility, there’s an undercurrent of danger that exists here. Those trucks on the road outside the Creed’s beautiful old home travel by just a little too quickly, for one thing…as is evidenced by the makeshift pet cemetery out back in the nearby woods. Then there are the warnings to Louis both real and from the depths of his nightmares that he should not venture beyond the borders of this little graveyard. A blood-chilling truth is hidden there—one more terrifying than death itself, and hideously more powerful. An ominous fate befalls anyone who dares tamper with this forbidden place, as Louis is about to discover for himself…

My Thoughts

Pet Sematary was January’s pick for the Stephen King read-a-long that I participate in over on Instagram and that is hosted by the amazing Janel from Keeper of Pages. I am so glad that I decided to join because I am really enjoying these read-a-longs and the discussions and I have found several King books that I really like. Anyways on to the actual review.

If I’m not mistaken I am pretty sure I watched the original movie adaptation of this a long time ago but I remembered nothing about it besides the basics like the cat coming back to life and that’s pretty much all I remembered. So I went into this blind pretty much. My husband got away with himself and kind of spoiled something for me but it didn’t ruin my enjoyment of this book because spoiled it for me in the book anyways.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve read several of Kings books at this point or what but this book was really easy to read. I still found myself zoning out sometimes and forgetting what I just read because King is very wordy and I feel like the book could have been shorter because a big chunk was just filler to me.

I really like the characters especially the kids Ellie and Gage they are so adorable and the neighbor Jud was a great side character as well. Some of the actions of the characters though had me rolling my eyes. I can’t really talk about those without spoilers though so sorry for being very vague.

I hate how King spoils things that are going to happen before they actually happen. It takes away from my emotional reaction of the events. There is something that happens in this book that I am 100% certain would have broke my heart and made me ball my eyes out had he not so casually mentioned it in the chapter before it happened. Because of this when that reveal happened it didn’t hit me as hard as it could have.

I think because King is such a hyped author I have some high expectations for his books. I expect his books to be scary, creepy, messed up etc. So when something else was being revealed I was expecting it to be way worse than what it was described as and I was disappointed in that. There was one comment that I really did not appreciate at all and again I don’t want to spoil the book so I am just going to say how he described something in this book and likened it to being like a retarded boy. Ugh I hate that word and that really pissed me off.

I know my review sounds mostly negative but I swear I really enjoyed this book. Like I said it was an easy book to read and I found myself flying through it. It didn’t scare me but so far no book/movie has.





26 thoughts on “Pet Sematary by Stephen King

  1. I saw the movie when I was eleven I think and it traumatized me hahaha (I was such a wimp) so I always thought about reading the book to see if it did the same but since reading your review, it doesn’t sound as bad as I’d imagined all these years.

    But still a great review 🙂

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    1. Things that are supposed to seem scary or creepy tend to not scare me or creep me out because most of the time I find it all very predictable. I have read some reviews where people say some of it has creeped them out a little.

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      1. I haven’t read 11.22.63 yet. I didn’t care for it all that much either. I think I gave it 3 stars and said it was an ok read but the more I think on it it didn’t deserve that rating in my opinion.

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  2. I’ve only read on Stephen King book and that was On Writing, it’s non-fiction but extremely insightful. It’s not all about writing like the title suggests, he also discusses failure.

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  3. Excellent analysis. I agree with you, I thought it would be scarier. Then I realized it’s over 35 years old, and some of the writing back then wasn’t as edgy and modern fear-factor as we’ve come to know. There were plenty of thrillers in the 70s’ and before, but I think he was still developing his psychological thriller style.

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  4. I definitely agree with you pertaining to King and ruining surprises, I’ve read a lot of his novels so I’ve mostly gotten used to it by now, either way I loved this book, along with all the others of his I’ve read. Great review.

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      1. I’ve read 17 of Kings novels and I can say I’ve enjoyed every single one thoroughly, he’s my favorite author. Enjoy your reading (:

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      2. He’s been a hit or miss author for me but I have been enjoying a majority of what I’ve read by him. I don’t know exactly how many of his books I’ve read but I’m pretty sure it’s under 10 so far.

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