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Girl, Keep Fighting by Channon Bailey Blog Tour And Review

Title: Girl, Keep Fighting
Author: Channon Bailey

Synopsis From

This is for the girl who’s ever been told no. This is for the girl who still holds a dream in her heart. This is for the girl who has to do what she has to do. This is for the girl who won’t give up. This is for the girl who still believes in fairy tales. This is for the girl who knows she is worth more. This is for the girl who wants a life to call her own. This is for you. Girl, keep fighting.

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My Review

3 stars

First off I want to thank Happy Lil Book Nook and the author Channon Bailey for choosing me to participate in this tour and for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

This was the first self help/advice book I’ve ever read and while I didn’t really love it I didn’t hate it either. Lets talk about the things that bothered me first so that we can end on a high note.

First off I’m not sure if the copy I received was the final copy or not but it could have used some more editing. The errors weren’t so frequent that it took me out of the story but I did notice them.

Going into this book I was expecting a self help/advice book geared toward women and while that technically is the case there is so much about the author and the hardships that he had to overcome that it seemed like it was more a book about him then it was anything else. Also in the first chapter he contradicted himself and I was left confused. I literally read those passages out to my husband to make sure I wasn’t looking into it to much but alas he agreed with me. There were a few instances where I felt like the author thought I was stupid. Not me specifically but women in general because this book is geared toward women.

I definitely don’t agree with everything he says and what I do agree with I already knew so I don’t feel like I gained anything from reading this. There is some great advice spread throughout the book like learning from your past mistakes for example but like I mentioned I already knew this.

Ok now to the things I did like. I mentioned above how the author offers up so much of his life and the hardships he had to overcome as a negative but at the same time I liked how he gave examples of things that he went through and it always tied into the point he was trying to get across in each chapter.

I loved that there are questions at the end of each chapter to help you process what you just read as well as different quotes pertaining to what you just read.

Overall I enjoyed reading this but I personally didn’t gain anything new from it. I would say this book could be perfect for those just starting out in adulthood.

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I love to tell people that I’m an Outlander & GLOW fanboy (cause I freakin’ LOVE those shows!) who built a career coaching men and then threw in the towel… “exchanged” is a much better word… to fight for women.

I love that I almost closed the door on my businesses too many times to count, and now I am living my dream by doing what the heck I want.

I love that so many people (including every family member and friend) told me no, and I am living proof that you gotta do what you gotta do.

I love that I learned there’s a difference between sex and love-making, and I have a “Wonder Woman” of a wife and three awesome + one on the way kids to prove it.

I love that I quit the 9-5 so I can work from 7 in the morning to noon or 10 at night through midnight cause my brain seems to work better at those times.

I love the day I got my rock star confidence back and knew the world was a much better place living my life and not someone else’s.

I love Mexican food and sushi. Yum! (Yes, it’s that important to include here!) Coffee too!

I love that my biggest fear isn’t failure, being worried about what someone thinks, taking risks, or not winning. My BIGGEST fear is not doing what I know I’m supposed to.

And, finally? I love that I can show you the same.



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4 thoughts on “Girl, Keep Fighting by Channon Bailey Blog Tour And Review

  1. Misty, you gotta help me out here – do my eyes deceive me or is this a self help/advice book for girls/women written by a man 🤔 The blurb seem very ‘girl power’ orientated and as though this book uplifts woman, but I can’t help but think, with the way this book it ‘sold’ (blurb, title cover) I’m hesitant because how much can I relate to this male

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