My Computer Stopped Working

Hello bookworms!!

So Tuesday afternoon my computer all of a sudden stopped connecting to WiFi. We did all of the usual things that we usually do when our internet cuts off but it didn’t work. The WiFi worked on everything else. So after my husband did some research we are thinking that my computer has a WiFi Chip and that chip has gone out on it so that means my computer is pretty much useless to me.

I will be getting a new computer as soon as I can but it might be a couple of months before that happens so until then i am having to use my phone and my android tablet to do everything that I usually do on my computer which really sucks because they both die pretty fast and the tablet takes forever to charge.

WordPress is really difficult to figure out on these devices and I hate using my phone for posts but i don’t have a choice right now. I just wanted to let y’all know that I still plan to post but the formatting might be off for a while and I’m sorry if it is. Please bare with me.

36 thoughts on “My Computer Stopped Working

      1. That’s good. I don’t want a fancy computer with all the bells and whistles. I just need something basic. I need to be able to get on the internet and that’s pretty much it lol.


  1. Ugh! I feel your pain. That said, I recently created a few posts and books reviews on my phone to post to WP. It was a pain in the rear side to begin with but it did get easier and isn’t as daunting anymore. Sometimes now, if I can’t get to my computer I’m more inclined to just use my phone than wait.

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    1. I mean I think I’ve pretty much figured out how to use WordPress on my phone but I can’t be sure that I am formatting it the way I usually do when I use my computer. Like I don’t know if the pictures are the right size and stuff like that.

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      1. Yeah luckily I wasn’t having any trouble being able to use the old editor. I was putting off switching to the new one because I knew I wasn’t going to know what the heck I was doing with that one lol.

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    1. My husband actually did a factory reset on it a couple of hours ago and it started working again. I know it’s probably not a permanent fix but at least it’s working right now. Hopefully it will continue to work until I can get a new computer.


    1. It’s actually working now. My husband thought about doing a factory reset on it to see if it would help and it started working again after we did that. It’s probably not permanent but it’s working for now.


  2. That’s just too bad. But I guess you’re right—all in all, sometimes starting with a brand new one (however costly) is still much cheaper than repairing an ‘old friend’. I hope you have it all sorted out before long. 🍸

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    1. My laptop has had to be plugged up non stop for I don’t even know how long. We have actually got it back to working. We did a factory reset on and the WiFi started working again. I know it’s not a permanent fix but at least it’s working for now. The prices are very expensive for sure!!

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