It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

What I Recently Finished Reading

For some reason I was thinking I read more than this but 2 books is pretty good. Erin and I finished our buddy read of Never Fade and I absolutely loved this book. This was definitely a 5 star read for me. Last up I just barely finished Firestarter by Stephen King this week. I ended up reading the whole book over the weekend. My review will be going up in the next week or two but I did end up enjoying this one as well.

What I'm Currently Reading

I have to have The Gemini Connection read and reviewed by the end of the month. I am currently about a quarter of the way through it and I am hoping to have this one read in the next day or two. I definitely procrastinated reading this one and I am regretting that now. After finishing Never Fade Erin and I decided to also buddy read the next book in the series In the Afterlight. I haven’t actually started reading this one yet but I will be starting it today. We will be reading 4 chapters a day just like we did with Never Fade which means we will be finishing it before the end of the month.

What I Plan To Read Next

A Court of Thorns and Roses

Ok so for this to count toward my romanceopoly challenge I have to have it read by the 31st of this month. I am hoping I finish The Gemini Connection early enough so I can fit this one in this week but we will see how that works out.

Credit as always to The Book Date. Have you read any of the books I mentioned? What did you think of them if you have? What have you been reading lately? What are your reading plans for the week?




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