Book Hauls

March 2019 Book Haul

Book Haul

Hello bookworms!!

So far this year I haven’t bought any books. Not because I haven’t wanted to though because believe me there are so many books I want to buy I just haven’t been able to afford them. That hasn’t stopped me from getting books though. Recently my books have been free on Amazon or I’ve gotten them from book tours and NetGalley. I only have 6 books to share with y’all today so lets jump in.

R&R Book Tours

I have actually received 3 books from R&R Book Tours this month and I will be talking about each of them throughout the next few months. The first book I got which isn’t pictured was The Space Between Time by Charlie Laidlaw. I will be doing a cover reveal for this book in April so keep an eye out for that. I also got Kendall by Daphne Hargrow and Touch of Smoke by Karissa Laurel. I will be doing reviews for both of these in the near future.


The Wrong Kind of Love

This was a read now on NetGalley and after hearing so many people talking about it I had to go and get it.

Free On Amazon


I came across these because of my daily emails from BookBub. Usually I just scroll through pretty fast but for whatever reason I looked into both of these and decided to get them because they sounded good.

That’s all I have for today. Six more books added to my TBR and there’s no telling when I will get to all of them. Have you read any of the books I mentioned or do you plan to read any of them? What books did you add to your TBR this month?



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