Heir Of Doom By Jina S. Bazzar

Heir of Doom

Title: Heir of Doom

Author: Jina S. Bazzar

Series: The Roxanne Fosch Files #2

Pages: 374 pages

Source: Sent by author

My Rating: 4 stars


Roxanne Fosch has joined the Hunters.

She no longer has to run and hide, but other problems have surfaced. Her clan has other plans for her, and even the combined might of the hunters might not be able to save her.

To survive, Roxanne will have to choose between being labeled a traitor and cast out as a rogue – or join hands with the darker powers to save her life, and the lives of her friends.

To achieve her goals, she’ll have to risk her life. But can she control the powers she’s still learning to use, and fears so much?

My Thoughts

I want to thank the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I also want to thank Jay for buddy reading this with me although I was a pretty horrible buddy reader this time around because I was so busy. Read his review here.

I read the first book Heir of Ashes back in April and loved it so when the author reached out to me asking if I would like to read this one I of course said yes. I needed to know what was next for these characters.

Unlike with the first book it took me a while to fully get into this book. The first half kind of felt like back story or like an info dump. The last half though is what made this book for me. It was just like with the first book full of action and I was flying through it.

I will say some characters that I loved in the first book I ended up hating in this book but others took their place. Y’all know I don’t like cliffhangers. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with them I am just impatient and want all of the answers now. The author warned me that this one ended on a cliffhanger as well because she remembered my aversion to them but I still wanted to read it. Even though I would rather have all of my questions answered by the time I finish a book I understand why authors end books on cliffhangers and I am kind of sort of not really starting to not hate them so much.

I can’t wait to read book 3 I just wish I didn’t have to wait so long for it. I definitely recommend y’all read these books but you should read book one before jumping into this one to get the whole story.



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