Alphabet Soup Challenge Update

Hello bookworms!!

I’m continuing on with my challenge update posts and today I am going to be talking about the Alphabet Soup Challenge. I’ve participated in this challenge for 3 years now. The first 2 years I was going for titles starting with each letter and I failed both times. This year I am doing the author edition and so far it’s going really well. Here are all of the authors I’ve read so far this year.


B. Tom Bale

C. Brittany Cavallar

D. Arthur Conan Doyle 




H. Colleen Hoover


J. C.S. Johnson

K. Stephen King

L. Jessica E. Larsen

M. Julie Murphy


O. Didi Oviatt

P. Richard Parker


R. Penny Reid

S. Nicholas Sparks

T. K.A. Tucker



W. Nayyirah Waheed


Y. Nicola Yoon

Z. Mariana  Zapata

I only have 8 letters to fill. I’m trying to go by the authors last name for every letter but if I get stuck on any of them I might just have to go by their first name If you have any suggestions for the remaining letters I would love to hear them.

Are any of y’all participating in this challenge? How are you doing with it? I also wanted to share that I have read 16,540 pages toward my goal of 36,000 pages. I didn’t want to make a complete post for that so I thought I would include it here. Don’t forget to leave me any suggestions you have for the remaining letters.



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