20 Books Of Summer TBR

20 books of summer

Hello bookworms!!

So I have decided, with the help of my twitter followers, to join yet another challenge. I came across someone’s TBR post for this, sorry I can’t remember where I first saw it, but their post made me look into it more and then I couldn’t make up my mind so I did a Twitter poll where 62% of the votes told me to go for it so that’s what I am doing. I am going for it!! This challenge is hosted by Cathy from 746 Books. She is very slack with the rules. Basically all you have to do is read 10, 15 or 20 books and review them. If you click on the link above she says you can switch out books if you want to or you can drop your goal down if you need to so yeah very slack. This challenge runs from June 3 to September 3. If you have been following me since the beginning of the year then you know I am already participating in a lot of challenges this year so because of that I am going for 10 books. I also put a little spin on this and had my husband pick most of the books because I am so indecisive. I will stop talking now and show y’all the books I hope to read in the next 3 months.

Are you  participating in this challenge? What do you plan to read? I really hope I can stick to the books I chose and I hope I can get through them all.



27 thoughts on “20 Books Of Summer TBR

    1. Thank you!! My husband picked most of them. He’s not a reader so he basically just picked by the covers and what looked interesting him.

      I am participating in Romanceopoly this year and all of the ladies who host it are pretty much obsessed with it so they’ve kind of convinced me I need to try it.

      Happy reading to you as well and I will go check out your TBR.

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      1. I am so indecisive so it helped me out a lot having him pick most of them.

        I love romance so I thought this was a fun and different way to read different romances that I might not normally read.

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      1. Oh yes, certainly is :/ A friend of mine chose the book for me, and his purpose was to find me a book that will make me sad. (Cuz once i told him i don’t normally get emotional when i read)

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      2. I have realized that I don’t get very emotional while reading either. I mean I get a little teary eyed sometimes but hardly ever am I full on crying. That has only happened to me twice that I can remember.


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