The ABC Book Challenge “K”

the abc book challenge

Hello bookworms!!

This was supposed to go up last Sunday but I forgot about it so I just decided to do it this week instead. I will most likely do another one next week to get back on schedule.

I have finally decided to do this challenge. I seen this a lot last year and really wanted to do it but I saved it for the new year. I am not sure who the creator of this is so if you know please mention it in the comments so I can credit them.

I plan to spread this out over the entire year so I will be doing a letter every other week on Sunday. I’ve decided to keep each section to 3 books maximum so these posts don’t get too long. In each post I will share my most memorable books and the books that are still on my TBR that corresponds to the specific letter of the post. Also I won’t be counting A and The.

Most memorable titles that start with “K”


Book on my TBR starting with “K”

Kill SwitchKing of ScarsThe Kite Runner



I surprisingly haven’t read very many books that start with K. Have you read any of the books I mentioned?


15 thoughts on “The ABC Book Challenge “K”

      1. Yeah I probably could tell you much about any of the books I’ve read because of my memory. Literally I have asked my husband something and then 5 minutes later asked him the same thing because I didn’t remember asking or I couldn’t remember his answer.


    1. I don’t know much about The Kite Runner but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Kill Switch is the 3rd book in a trilogy that I started early this year and it’s kind of like Kane so probably not for you either s

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