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The Hopeful Book Tag


Hello bookworms!!

I was tagged by Chardon @ Project Hardcover to do The Hopeful Book Tag if you aren’t already following her you definitely should. This tag was created by The Book Finch over on YouTube. Ok on to the questions.

1. A book world you would like to escape to.

I’m sure I am not going to be the only one picking this but I would love to escape into the Harry Potter world.

2. A romance that left you all mushy inside.

Simon and Blue!! Y’all know how obsessed I was when I first read this book.

3. A friendship we should all aspire to have.

We should aspire to have a friendship like Inej and Nina!

4. Intermission! Insert the cutest picture of your pet or the cutest animal picture you can find.

My fur baby Shelby!

5. A character in a leadership role that inspires you.

Aurora Rising

This one was hard but I think I am going to go with Ty from Aurora Rising. He didn’t get the team members he would have wanted but he never complained about it and he made the best of what he had and in the end they worked so well together.

6. Recommend three (3) books that fill you with hope.

This was another hard one but I decided to pick ones that go through some hardships throughout the book but end up with a Happily Ever After of sorts.

7. (Optional) Tag people.

If you haven’t done this tag and you want to then consider yourself tagged. Please just link to a specific post of mine so I can see your answers.


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