Surgery Update!!

Hello bookworms!!

I haven’t had time to figure out a post for today so I decided today’s post was going to be a quick little update on how my husbands surgery went and how he’s doing today. I’ve had people asking how things went so I thought I would let everyone know.

If you didn’t know my husband had the left side of his thyroid took out. He had an enlarged nodule that was potentially cancerous. He was so anxious leading up to the surgery because he’s never been put to sleep before. His surgery ended up only being and hour and forty five minutes long and the doctor said everything went well.

They sent the thyroid off to pathology when they took it out and they told him it was 95% likely it was benign but we should know for sure hopefully by tomorrow.

When they called us back there to him when he was waking up it was a little hard to see him like that. It made me sad because he was in pain. I’m not used to seeing him like that but he did so good. We had to bug him to eat something because he didn’t want to eat. I pretty much had to force him to eat some apple sauce so they could give him his pain meds.

We got there at 10 and we didn’t get back home until around 5 or 6. By the time we got back home he was more himself. He was walking around normally and talking normally. He’s still in pain and his neck is stiff and his throat is sore from the tube they had to put in but besides that he is doing extremely well.

He can take the bandage off tomorrow and he goes back for his follow up on the first. He said he can already tell the difference in how much better he can breath and swallow.

Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers and keeping him and me in your thoughts. It is very appreciated.

Sorry today’s post isn’t about books but I wanted to do an update on my husband since I’ve been talking about this surgery for a while now.

27 thoughts on “Surgery Update!!

  1. That’s great Misty… Glad he is doing well. It is wonderful you are back home. Here we keep our patients at the hospital for 3 days. It is wonderful news to see him eating and moving about

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    1. Thank you!! This was an outpatient surgery. There are surgeries that they keep them at the hospital for. They kept him in for a few hours after his surgery just so they could keep an eye on him.


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