Tropeathon Announcement


Hello bookworms!!

I am excited to be announcing that I am going to be cohosting a readathon. Michelle from Chelle’s Book Ramblings did a post on her blog titled Looking for Partners in Crime: Readathon & Instagram Challenge. I’ve always wanted to create my own tag or readathon but I never did because I’m not very creative so when I saw Michelle asking for cohosts I jumped at the opportunity. We both worked together to create this readathon but pretty much all of the credit goes to Michelle. This is our very first time hosting a readathon and I am equal parts nervous and excited.

This readathon is heavily romance based but don’t fret even you non romance lovers can join in. We are planning to include tropes from all genres at some point. Michelle and I are both romance lovers so we started with what we know but there are loopholes and some of these tropes will appear in non romance books. Ok I am getting a little bit ahead of myself.

This readathon is going to be from July 22nd through the 28th. We have 9 prompts but don’t worry you don’t have to read 9 different books. Some of these are photo related posts and some are reading related and you are more than welcome to double up on prompts and do as many or as little as you want. You can read any format whether that is audiobooks, ebooks or physical books and graphic novels, short stories, etc. counts as well. The only rule is that one of the tropes has to appear in whatever you are reading. One last thing before I get into each of the prompts. We have created a twitter account @tropeathon where Michelle and I will be doing a discussion about the group book which will fulfill the Slow Burn prompt and we would love for y’all to read that book with us. I will be sharing what book we chose down below. Ok now lets talk about each of the prompts.


  1. Share your TBR: Post a photo of your TBR anywhere on social media using #tropeathon
  2. Read a book with the Chosen one trope.
  3. Blue on the cover: Share a book with any shade of blue on the cover on social media using #tropeathon
  4. Other Worlds: This means you can read a book that’s set on another planet, with different species or even different walks of life. Interpret this however you want.
  5. Cover Love: Share a photo of your favorite cover using #tropeathon This can be a book from your TBR for this readathon or any book in general.
  6. Enemies to lovers: This is mainly a romance trope but we’ve added a loophole. For those who don’t like romance or maybe aren’t in the mood for romance just read a book where the characters go from enemies to allies.
  7. Forbidden Romance: Read a forbidden or dark themed book, it can also be a book about a hard topic that’s not romance related.
  8. Recommended to you: Michelle and I will be sharing some of our recommendations so you can chose from those books or you can chose a book that someone else has recommended to you previously.
  9. Slow Burn: Read a slow burn romance or just a slow building relationship of any kind. Group Book: Lingus by Mariana Zapata

Ok I think I have talked about everything that I needed to. Don’t forget to follow @tropeathon on twitter and use #tropeathon on all social media. I hope you will join us and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us. I will have a recommendations post going up within the next week and my TBR post will be going up the week before the readathon.



15 thoughts on “Tropeathon Announcement

  1. Misty, I’m joining this one. I will post my TBR tomorrow morning. 🙂 But can you recommend a book to me. hehe. I’d be glad to join a readathon. Nori and I were supposed to do the 24-Hour Readathon again next month and I guess this will be good practice since it’s been a long time since I joined a readathon.:)

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      1. Based off of the books you have in your want to read shelf I would definitely recommend Aurora Rising. I’m not sure if you’ve read the Illuminae Files trilogy or not but I also recommend those by the same author. I also really enjoy Wonder Woman: Warbreaker.

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      2. I’m supposed to read Skyward for the Other Worlds but I decided to just go with Aurora Rising. That way, it can cross off two prompts (recommended & Other worlds). All in all, I’ll just read 5 book for all the ARCs. That’s okay right? 🙂

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