#24in48 Readathon Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Hello bookworms!!

This past weekend I participated in the 24in48 readathon. This was the 5th time I have participated and I’ve yet to read for the full 24 hours but I definitely enjoy trying. This isn’t the most time I’ve spent reading for this readathon but it is my second best time. Today I am going to share all of the books I was able to read and how much time I actually spent reading so lets jump into it shall we.


This is my total time that I spent reading for this round. Like I mentioned already this is not the most time I spent reading but it is my second best time. Considering that nothing happened the way I planned it I am really happy with how much I did manage. I am determined to reach that 24 hour mark at least once. I can’t wait to try again in January.

I read 4 entire books ranging from 82 pages to 434 pages. I also read a short story that a friend is writing for a contest and it was 12 pages. My plan was to stay up so I could start as soon as the readathon started at 12 and then read until 4. That didn’t happen though because I got a headache and I knew it would get worse if I tried reading so I just went to bed. I didn’t start reading until 9 Saturday morning. I wanted to try reading for 4 hours and then taking a 4 hour break and switching back and forth like that because I usually read as much as I can on the first day and by the second day I am burnt out. Well like everything else that didn’t happen either but luckily I didn’t experience the burnout like I usually do.

Total Books Read: 4 + a short story

Total Pages Read: 900

Total Hours Spent Reading: 15 hours & 23 minutes

While I once again didn’t reach the 24 hour mark I still enjoyed participating and getting to interact with other participants. I will one day finally make the 24 hour mark but unfortunately that time isn’t now.

Did you participate in this readathon? How did you do? Did you read for the full 24 hours? How many books did you read? Did you reach your goal?



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