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Hello bookworms!!

As y’all know I have taken a break from doing tags but when Michelle my cohost for #Tropeathon mentioned doing this tag for our readathon I had to do it. I mean it fits perfectly. This tag was originally created by Jes Reads Books on YouTube. We did tweak some of the questions a little so if you want the original questions just click the link to Jes’ YouTube channel. Also some of my answers could be spoilery so if you haven’t read the books I mention you might want to skip that question. Alright lets get to these questions.

Hopelessly Devoted: Name two characters that you ship…but nobody else does

Alina & Mal from the Shadow and Bone trilogy. Everybody I see talking about these books say they hated that Alina and Mal ended up together and they wish she would have ended up with The Darkling but I absolutely loved their relationship.

Damsel In Distress: Name a female MC who didn’t need a man to complete her

I am going with Audrey Rose from the Stalking Jack the Ripper series. I know there is a romance involved in this book but she 100% doesn’t need him to complete her. Sorry I am pretty sure I haven’t read a book where there’s no romance so I went with a female character I thought was strong on her own but still found love.

Love at first sight: Name a book that made instalove work for you.

So here’s the thing. I love instalove. Yes sometimes I read a story where it’s not done very good but I still end up loving the story for the most part so they all pretty much work for me.

Mental Illness As A Quirk: Name a book that represented mental illness well

Anxiety Girl

I can’t really comment on the accuracy of the representation in this book because I personally don’t suffer from any mental illness but a friend of mine does and she recommended this book to me saying she really loved it.

The Chose One: Name a main character that did (or almost did) ruin a series for you

He Will Be My Ruin

Maggie Sparkes is the main character in He Will Be My Ruin and she ruined the book for me. She was so judgmental and annoying that I’m surprised I actually made it all the way through the book. Also this is part of a series but that’s ok.

Friends to Lovers: Name a duo that went from friendship goals to relationship goals

Belly and Conrad from The Summer I Turned pretty trilogy. I didn’t think I was going to have an answer for this one.

Amnesia: Name a book you would forget for one reason or another

The Darkest Legacy

I loved all of the books in this series including the novellas except for the 4th book. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I disliked this book.

Bad Boys: Name your favorite villain or anti-hero

I don’t like villains. I am a hero kind of girl so I don’t have a favorite but I will say the one that succeeded at making me dislike him the most in Clancy from The Darkest Minds series.

Missing Parents or Adults: Name a book that could have benefited from a bit of parental guidance or adult supervision.

The Female of the Species

This was another one I struggled to come up with. I know I have read several books that were lacking in parents but I can’t think of them. I remember this one somewhat had parents but they weren’t really parenting the way I think they should have been. They were just like I know you are doing something bad be careful.

Girl\Guy Gang: Best rag tag group of characters

I am going to have to agree with Michelle on this one and say the group from the Six of Crows duology. Were they called the Dregs? I can’t remember and I probably just butchered it sorry guys.

I Tag: Anyone who wants to do this tag but I’m also going to tag a couple people I know who are participating in #Tropeathon this week.





11 thoughts on “The Tropes Book Tag

    1. Thank you!! That’s awesome. I’m going to be finishing one book today. I unfortunately am not going to be marking off all of the prompts but I am really happy with what I managed.


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