Avid August TBR

Avid August

Hello bookworms!!

This year I joined the Devour Your TBR Goodreads Group which is a group where monthly reading challenges are hosted to help shrink our growing TBRs. The challenge for August is called Avid August. For the bloggers and reviewers out there, August is mostly about catching up on ARCs and for those who don’t have ARCs August is all about books we put on previous TBRs but never actually read. I’m going to be trying to read ARCs and review copies because I have a lot.

~Post a blog post / comment / Tweet / whatever saying you’ll be joining in this challenge!
~Share your list of books you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t yet and show us which ones you’re going to tackle.
~If you’re sharing your updates on social media, use #AvidAugust so we can follow up on each other!


NetGalley These are in order from oldest to most recent.

Review Copies These are in order of review importance

That’s 21 books! No I don’t plan to read all of them especially with my main TBR books which I will be sharing tomorrow but it would be nice to get through a good chunk of these. Are you participating in Avid August?


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