Salem’s Lot By Stephen King

Salem's Lot

Title: Salem’s Lot

Author: Stephen King

Pages: 439 pages

Format: Hardback

Source: Borrowed from library

My Rating: 4 stars


Thousands of miles away from the small township of ‘Salem’s Lot, two terrified people, a man and a boy, still share the secrets of those clapboard houses and tree-lined streets. They must return to ‘Salem’s Lot for a final confrontation with the unspeakable evil that lives on in the town.

My Thoughts

As I’ve mentioned every time I have reviewed a King book I read this as part of the Stephen King Readalongs I participate in pretty much every month.

This is one of my favorite books I have read by him so far. I love the suspense of this story and I guess the “horror” aspect of it as well although it didn’t scare me. I know that wasn’t the case for most of the people who I was reading it with. Things don’t tend to scare me but that doesn’t mean it was bad.

This book had a slow start. What got me through it though was the passages with Susan and Ben. I loved their passages together. I thought they were cute. Things did eventually pick up and I was completely sucked in to the point I didn’t want to stop reading.

While I did end up enjoying this book in the end there are some things that happened in the beginning that I didn’t care for at all and I have to mention them. First up 52 pages in and I’m reading about a mother throwing a bottle at her 10 month old baby and punching him. It was only a small part but I was not ok with that. I seriously almost DNFed it for that. I asked someone if it was something that was going to happen again and she told me it didn’t so I decided to continue on because up until that point I was already enjoying the story. There was also some animal cruelty but luckily it was just a small part as well and didn’t continue to happen.

I have said this before but I don’t like how he casually tells you something is going to happen before it actually happens. It takes away the potential shock value and makes it a completely different experience. I would prefer to be shocked about what happens.

I never thought I would say this about a King book but there was an instance where I actually got teary eyed.

There are so many characters that I pretty much struggled all the way through to keep up with who was who.

I know it seems like I didn’t enjoy this but I really did. When I read a King book I usually listen to the audiobook while following along because it’s easier that way for me with his books but I didn’t have the audiobook for this one and I was still sucked in immediately. Like I already mentioned this is definitely one of my favorites by him.


10 thoughts on “Salem’s Lot By Stephen King

  1. I do think that this is one of my favorite books by Stephen king. I get you with the violence agains the kid, but I didn’t consider DNFing this XD He tends to talk alot and there is always a lot of exposition. To be honest, His book has one of the best quotes ever XD Great review!

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