Beauty’s Kiss By C.S. Johnson

Title: Beauty’s Kiss

Author: C.S. Johnson

Series: Once Upon A Princess #3

Pages: 318 pages

Format: Ebook

Source: Author via R&R Book Tours

My Rating: 4 stars


Rose, the Princess of Rhone, doomed to fall into a sleeping death on her eighteenth birthday, has only ever wanted two things in all her life: to be free of her curse, and to never fall in love. After securing the dragon’s blood from the Serpent’s Garden, Rose is confident she has all she needs to free herself from Magdalina’s curse. But when Magdalina comes to offer Rose a new deal—one that would free her from her curse, while also eliminating future threats—Rose is forced to confront the truth of her feelings for Theo.

As Theo’s past and new troubles interrupt their journey back to Rhone, Rose knows she must make a devastating choice. Will she let herself fall in love? Or will she break her own heart instead?

My Thoughts

Thank you to the author for providing me with an ecopy via R&R Book Tours in exchange for my honest review. I reviewed book 1 a few months ago and you can read that review here as well as book 2 recently and you can read my review for it here.

I am really into this series but at the same time I feel like everything is being dragged out. This one is mostly focused on the romance which if you know me then you know I love it. Not much else happened though.

I mentioned in my review for the second book about a potential love triangle but luckily that proved to be false. I wasn’t sure of the intentions of one of the guys but that is all cleared up in this book and lets just say that I am so glad I was wrong. Not that I don’t like the character because I do but my heart is set on another.

Rose is still a little wish washy but I think she has made significant progress since book one so I have to applaud her on that but she can still be very annoying.

I don’t really have much else to say about this book. I am loving it but it has been dragged out way to much but I am looking forward to the final book.


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