The Lonely Spinsters Club: Willow By Daphne Hargrow


Title: The Lonely Spinsters Club: Willow

Author: Daphne Hargrow

Series: The Lonely Spinsters Club #2

Pages: 256 pages

Format: Ebook

Source: Author via R&R Book Tours

My Rating: 4.5 stars


How does a woman enjoy the company of a man without committing to a long-term relationship? Easy, love him for ninety days and leave him.

Willow gave up on love a long time ago, but she hasn’t given up on sex. So, to keep her chakras aligned and life force flowing, she abides by her tried-and-true rule: love him for ninety days and leave him. Consequently, she can feed her body while protecting her heart.

Willow’s practice of purposeful detachment serves her well until she sets her sights on Kendall’s friend Josh. Even though Josh expresses interest in Willow, he wants a more traditional relationship than she’s willing to give.

Despite their apparent differences, the universe seems to have other plans for the couple as their lives become increasingly intertwined. When Willow finally decides to follow the universe’s lead, she’s betrayed by her ninety-day rule and must rethink her life plan or face the future alone.

Willow’s story is the second installment of the five-book romantic comedy series THE LONELY SPINSTERS CLUB.

My Thoughts

I was provided a copy of this book from the author via R&R Book Tours in exchange for my honest review.

This is the second book in The Lonely Spinsters Club series and it is all about Willow. We got to know a little bit about Willow in Kendall’s book and I really liked her character then but I loved her character so much more in this one. This book takes place a year after the previous book.

Going into these stories you know what the outcome is going to be but I loved reading all the angst and drama that brings us to that point. The only thing that was throwing me off while I was reading this was all the talk about Willow meditating and her Chakra. I’m not into all of that so yeah.

This was a quick read that had some pretty funny moments in it and I loved the male ad female leads. Willow is hilarious and I love her I don’t need a man attitude and Josh is just so swoon worthy.


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