Jake’s Redemption By Jamie Schulz

Jake's Redemption

Title: Jake’s Redemption

Author: Jamie Schulz

Series: The Angel Eyes #0.5

Pages: 409 pages

Format: Paperback

Source: Sent by Publicist

My Rating: 4 stars


An imprisoned cowboy. An empowered woman. When true love is forbidden, opening their hearts could destroy them both…

Chained and enslaved, Jake Nichols is convinced he’ll die alone. In this new order where men are stripped of all power, he endures brutal torture at the hands of his female captor. But when he’s hired out to build a ranch home for an outspoken beauty, his dreams of escape transform into visions of passion.
Monica Avery struggles to fill her heart in a loveless society. With marriage outlawed and romantic partners reduced to pawns, she’s given up hope of finding her soul mate. But watching the rugged rancher hard at work on her shelter awakens deeply buried desires.
As the project comes together, Monica discovers a kindred spirit in the tenderhearted Jake. But despite their growing attraction, he still belongs to a cruel woman who’d rather see him dead than free.
Can Monica save Jake, or will their love lead to a tragic tomorrow?
Jake’s Redemption is a full-length book in the Angel Eyes cowboy dystopian romance series. If you like scorching-hot chemistry, clever post-apocalyptic worlds, and star-crossed love stories filled with suspense, then you’ll adore Jamie Schulz’s captivating tale.
Buy Jake’s Redemption today to see if love can brighten a dark world!
This prequel has an HFN ending and opens the door for the next book in the Angel Eyes Series.
This story would appeal to those who found the adult scenarios in books like A Handmaid’s Tale and The Hunger Games intriguing. Or who enjoy the writing of other romance authors like Maisey Yates, Pam Godwin, Karen Robards, and Nora Roberts, or who simply love cowboys.
Please note: Intended for mature audiences. This story contains some unsettling and violent subject matter that sensitive readers may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised

My Thoughts

I was sent this book by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

Jake’s Redemption is the prequel to Jamie Schulz’s The Angel Eyes series and it has hooked me and made me want to continue on with the series as soon as possible.

This is definitely an introduction to this world and some things were left open and I was left with some unanswered questions that I am assuming will be elaborated on and answered in future books. Because I am impatient I wanted to know everything now but even though that’s not the case it didn’t take away from my enjoyment.

I will say this was slow going for the majority of the book which I did kind of struggle with but I pushed through and things picked up and like I said I’m hooked. I need to know what’s in store next for these characters.

The roles are reversed in this dystopian world. The men are the sex objects and slaves and the women have some hyper strength that kicks in when they are threatened. There are trigger warnings for abuse, rape, drugging and PTSD so be aware of that going in.

As I’ve mentioned I really enjoyed reading this. It took me a little bit to become fully immersed in the story because it was slow going but once I did I was hooked. This is a slow burn dystopian romance that I definitely recommend and I cannot wait for the next book in the series.




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