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Hello bookworms!!

I was supposed to have this posted yesterday but my internet went out on Saturday and it was just fixed today so this is going up a little late.

If you don’t know what Tropeathon is it is a readathon that Michelle and I cohost together. It runs for a week and this round is running from today October 21 to Sunday October 27. We are planning to do it every 3 months. Each round will include different tropes to read from various genres and we also include other easy prompts like taking photos etc. You can visit our twitter account @Tropeathon and use #tropeathon on all social media.

Ok I think that’s all I needed to share so here is what I hope to read this week.

Creepy Atmosphere


I am reading this with several people on Instagram and I have fallen behind. I should have already read about half of it but I haven’t even started it so hopefully I can finish it in time for the final discussion on it Sunday.

Night Time Reading

More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Honestly any of the books I read can count for this because I mostly read at night but I decided to use More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark for this prompt.

Missing Person


I’ve been meaning to read this one for the longest time so I really hope I finally get to this one.

Initials In The Title

More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. My initials are MS.

Fated Mates


Ok I have to  be honest. I am actually scared to read this book because I loved Tamlin so much in ACOTAR and everyone swoons over Rhysand so yeah. Also this is a chunker so I don’t know how likely it is that I will read all of this one but we shall see.

Halloween Colors (Purple, Orange, Green)

Serpent & Dove

Maybe I am cheating here a little bit but it’s ok. If you look closely at the photo the dots in the background look orange and there are some green ones as well.

Magically Inclined 

Serpent & Dove

I don’t know how much magic is a part of this book but it’s about witches so I am going with it.

Ok so that is a total of 5 books that I hope to read this week and that’s probably a stretch for me to be honest but it will be fun to try. Also because several of these are audiobooks there is a slight chance that I will have to change some of them if Scribd makes them unavailable. Are you participating in Tropeathon? If you are please leave your links to your TBRs so I can see what you plan to read and don’t forget to interact with us on social media with #tropeathon. 


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