Ronaldo: The Vixen Pederson Workshop by Maxine Sylvester

Ronaldo: The Vixen Pederson Workshop

Title: Ronaldo: The Vixen Pederson Workshop

Author: Maxine Sylvester

Series: Ronaldo The Flying Reindeer #4

Pages: 179 pages

Format: Ebook

Source: Sent by author

My Rating: 5 stars


Destination North Pole! Santa’s top reindeer, Vixen Pederson, is hosting a teamwork workshop—and Ronaldo has his flying goggles packed and ready to go!

In training for a sleigh race, the cadets must work together to win the ultimate prize—Jingle Bells! But Ronaldo’s dream turns into a nightmare when Cupid joins his side. She’s the worst flying cadet, ever! And his squabbling teammates are plotting to put her out of the race.

But Cupid isn’t who she appears to be. And when Ronaldo discovers she is the granddaughter of a world famous flying champion, he suspects she is guarding a secret. And the only way to lead his team to victory—is to find out what it is.

My Thoughts

I am so happy to be reviewing the 4th book in the Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer series. The author has been so kind to provide me with copies of these books to read in exchange for my honest review and I am very thankful for the opportunity.

While this is a series each book can be read as a standalone but they are all so amazing so I definitely recommend you read them all. It’s geared toward children but that didn’t stop this 30 year old from absoluetly loving it.

Each book has its own set of situations that Ronaldo and Rudi have to face. This book deals with teamwork, new and old friendships and apperance. There are lessons to be learned in each of these books but the author makes the experience enjoyable.

This is a picture book and I always love the pictures. They are so well done and they depict the story perfectly.

This is a fun quick read that I would highly recommend you read to your kids or heck be like me and read it on your own because I am sure you will love it no matter what your age.



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