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My Week In Books 12/02 – 12/08

Hello bookworms!!

The first week of December is done and I’ve been a reading machine. I am trying to be very productive with my reading so that I can get through as many of the books I want to read this month as I can. I still only managed to read 3 books this week which is typical for me but I do have several books on the go.

~ Finished Reading ~


I’ve started reading a couple of my big books so to make me feel more accomplished I decided to pick up some of my Christmas reads. These 3 were all really quick reads. I thought they were all cute but some of them worked better than others.

~Currently Reading ~

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is a huge book. It’s 734 pages and I’m only 247 pages into it. I’m slowly making my way through this one because I’m also working on getting through other books at the same time. I’m hoping to have this one finished before next weeks check in. I’m also buddy reading Doctor Sleep which by the way is another big book. My edition is 783 pages and I’ve read 347 pages. This is another one that I am hoping to have finished by next Sunday. I was finally able to get the right Walking Dead book from the library so I have started that one as well. I’ve read 137/304 pages.

~Reading Next ~

Yep I’m going to be starting the next 2 King books that are on my TBR. I am buddy reading Under the Dome and we are going to be reading it over 2 weeks and it’s yet another huge book. The discussion for Elevation is on the 15 and that’s a short one so I should be able to get through it quickly.

Wow I sure hope I can get through all of these big books. How was your week in reading? Read any good books lately?


15 thoughts on “My Week In Books 12/02 – 12/08

  1. You inspire me to move my book pile closer to my reading chair. I’ve been working my way through The Author Blog by Anne R. Allen, which is great, but it contains so many good ideas that it’s a slow read. Then a friend gave me Run by Ann Patchett, published in 2007. It’s a real page-turner, and I’m half-way through it after only one morning of reading.

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