End Of The Year

A Look Back At My 2019 Goals Was I Successful? Or Not?

Hello bookworms!!

I set myself a lot of goals and challenges for 2019. So many in fact that I don’t even remember most of what I set myself so I have a feeling that todays post might be me just telling you that I failed at most of my 2019 goals but we will see. Anyways lets see what goals I accomplished and which ones I failed shall we.

  1.  Read 100 books – 2018 was the first time I’ve ever read 100+ books in a year and I was so happy about it that I decided to try again in 2019. I am happy to say that I surpassed this goal. As of right now I have completed 116 books but I still have plans to read hopefully 3 more books so I can potentially finish with 119.
  2. Challenges – I signed up for so many challenges in 2019 and my only goal was to stay caught up on them. I have completed some but I also failed miserably with others so I think this was maybe half successful.
  3. Waking up – Yeah this was definitely a fail. No matter how hard I try to make myself a morning person it never works.
  4. Dr Pepper – I have literally put this as a goal for several years now and I always fail. I am addicted to this drink and just cant seem to cut back.
  5. Water – Another success! Even though I still drink a ton of Dr Pepper I also have water everyday. Maybe not as much as I should be drinking because I have never been a fan of water but now I sometimes find myself just craving some ice cold water.
  6. Exercise – Yeah so I didn’t even last a full month doing this and my goal was really simple. Just 10 pushups and 10 sit-ups twice a day. So I failed miserably at this one.
  7.  $/Book –  Another fail. I wanted to put $5 back for every book I read in 2019. I never even actually started this one because after paying bills we are left with very little to live on for the month so I decided to just hold off.
  8.  Savings – For the same reasons as above this was yet again another fail.
  9.  Giveaway – I wanted to host an international giveaway but because of financial instability I was unable to do this one. One day I will but right now it’s not doable.
  10. Blog followers – I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to blog statistics. That’s just not really my thing but my 2019 goal was to reach 1000 followers. I ended 2018 with 800 followers so I thought 200 followers in a year was doable and guess what guys it totally was. I currently have 1,125 followers. There’s still 8 days left so this can again potentially end up being more. Thank you all for following me. It truly means the world to me and it makes me happy to know that so many people actually enjoy what I am doing.

I set 10 goals for 2019 and I accomplished a whopping 3 of them well 3 and a half if you count sort of accomplishing some of my challenges. Not good at all. What have I learned? Well I need to stop setting goals that I know I will fail like excercise, limit Dr Pepper consumption, anything to do with money etc. I think 2020 is going to be a goal free year.




24 thoughts on “A Look Back At My 2019 Goals Was I Successful? Or Not?

  1. Congrats on your personal successes! We all have things we’re working on, and no one’s perfect. Embrace your individuality!

    By the way, would you be interested in me interviewing you? It’d be for 2020. I love interviewing fellow bloggers and authors, and I haven’t had too many bloggers cross my way that were interested.

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      1. I mean, we can have goals, but expecting huge changes and trying to force them just doesn’t work, at least for me. I’ve learned that the goals have to be small and gradual for anything to change.

        Lol, yes you are! Just reading your goals I thought, “Wow, this is really intriguing.”

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      2. Yeah I e learned that too. I used to never set myself any goals. I just started sitting that after I started blogging because I seen everyone else doing them and I wanted to jump on board too. I think I’m going back to not having any goals except for maybe some reading goals I tend to typically be good at those lol.

        Glad you think so! I think you have my email so you can email me whenever you are ready.


      3. Yeah, having goals isn’t a bad thing at all, it just really depends what it is and what you’re trying to do.

        I pressure myself a lot, so putting reading goals on top of that would probably drive me over the edge lol.

        Yeah, sure thing!

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  2. That is the same reason I stopped making resolutions. I participate in challenges, but they are for me to read something different or try new things, if I accomplish them great, if not. I’ll try again. I set a goal every year to “TRY” to live healthy (exercise, eat right, drink water) and I usually do better than the year before, but not nearly as good as I can. If I try every year, before I die, I might get where I want to be. 😆😆 Goals are directions, do what you can and be pleased with what you achieve. I say well done for what you moved forward on.

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