The Giving Heart by Toni Blake #RRBookTours

The Giving Heart

Title: The Giving Heart

Author: Toni Blake

Series: Summer Island #2

Pages: 384 pages

Format: Ebook

Source: R&R Book Tours

My Rating: 4 stars


Spend a white Christmas on Summer Island, where the fires are warm and the romance is hotter

Lila Sloan wonders why she ever thought house-sitting for her sister Meg on the remote Summer Island was a good idea. And to make matters worse, local real estate developer Beck Grainger is trying to cut down the beautiful trees that line the property. Lila can’t let this happen; Meg will never forgive her.

Beck can understand Lila’s anger—sort of. The trees are actually on the neighboring property, and the land was zoned for development months ago, so his plans were no secret. But he dislikes being at odds with his friend’s sister, especially because Lila is appealing in every way: loyal, quick-witted and completely stunning.

Lila hates that she’s so attracted to Beck, who seems like a genuinely good man, despite his tree-murdering tendencies. And their chemistry is off the charts. She just wishes he’d let this development go. As Summer Island counts down to a snowy Christmas, Lila and Beck will have to strike a compromise that seems impossible for them both—or risk losing the best thing either of them has ever had.

My Thoughts

Back in November I participated in a blog tour for this book that R&R Book Tours hosted. I had agreed to read and review this book before I realized it was the second book in the series but even though I haven’t read the first book yet I don’t feel like I was missing out on anything. But after finishing this one I for sure want to go back and read the first one.

This book is told from 3 different perspectives Lila, Beck and Suzanne. While Suzanne does have a significant role in the book she is more of a side character and honestly I could have done without that little side story. While I think it was handled pretty well for the most part I didn’t really care for it or how a certain character went about one particular scene. Vague I know but I try to keep my reviews spoiler free.

Beck is your typical swoon worthy hero but he definitely has his flaws. Speaking of Beck the author went on and on about how handsome he was pretty much throughout the whole book which really got on my nerves. He’s handsome I get it I don’t need to be reminded over and over and over again.

While this is a romance it definitely deals with some heavy subject matter. I haven’t had any personal experience with the subjects that were tackled in this but I feel like they were handled pretty well.

This is a pretty easy and quick read but at the same time things were progressing very slowly. Just when it felt like we were starting to get somewhere with the romance something would happen to make it slow back down. It was this constant will they want they situation and I just wanted them to be fully together already because their chemistry was literally seeping off the pages. And the thing that was holding them back wasn’t really a big enough thing in my opinion to keep them from being together but they sure tried making it the biggest thing.

I know it sounds like I didn’t enjoy this book because of all of the issues I had with it but overall I really did. I loved the characters even though they definitely made some mistakes. The romance was amazing and pretty steamy and the setting was stunning. The author did an amazing job describing the setting. I could vividly picture what it would be like there.



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