The Drawing Of The Three by Stephen King #KeeperofKing #Readalong #Romanceopoly

The Drawing of the Three

Title: The Drawing of the Three

Author: Stephen King

Series: The Dark Tower #2

Pages: 406 pages

Format: Hardback/Audiobook

Source: Library/Scribd

My Rating: 4 stars


Beginning with a short story appearing in “The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction” in 1978, the publication of Stephen King’s epic work of fantasy-what he considers to be a single long novel and his magnum opus-has spanned a quarter of a century.

Set in a world of extraordinary circumstances, filled with stunning visual imagery and unforgettable characters, “The Dark Tower” series is King’s most visionary feat of storytelling, a magical mix of science fiction, fantasy, and horror that may well be his crowning achievement. In November 2003, the fifth installment, “Wolves of the Calla,” will be published under the imprint of Donald M. Grant, with distribution and major promotion provided by Scribner. “Song of Susannah,” Book VI, and “The Dark Tower,” Book VII, will follow under the same arrangement in 2004. With these last three volumes finally on the horizon, readers-countless King readers who have yet to delve into “The Dark Tower” and a multitude of new and old fantasy fans-can now look forward to reading the series straight through to its stunning conclusion. Viking’s elegant reissue of the first four books ensures that for the first time “The Dark Tower” will be widely available in hardcover editions for this eager readership.

My Thoughts

This is book 2 in The Dark Tower series and where things really start happening. Book one is basically just the set up for what’s to come. While book 1 is slow going I still think it should be read just know that once you get through it things definitely pick up.

I don’t really have much to say about this book. It’s definitely a step up from the first book but I still can’t give it a full five stars because it did lag at times and I am still left with so many questions. I expect them to be answered eventually but still I don’t like not knowing what is going on or what the purpose is.

I also have to applaud King for having a character that is a double amputee and in a wheelchair. I can relate to this and I love seeing myself represented in a book. While he didn’t really dive deep into the character I think what he included was done very well and never came off as offensive to me.


17 thoughts on “The Drawing Of The Three by Stephen King #KeeperofKing #Readalong #Romanceopoly

    1. When I first started reading King I found him to be overly descriptive and it was so annoying I don’t know if I’ve just gotten used to it now or if some of his books aren’t as bad with the descriptions but I haven’t had much issue with that lately. Thank you me too!!

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    1. Yeah it’s like I know what they are doing I just don’t know why yet. The second book was way better than the first in my opinion and I’m hoping that they just get better and better with each book. Yeah sometimes King can be a little offensive in his portrayals but I think he did really well with this particular character.

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  1. These books have been on my tbr forever, I’m always gearing up to pick them up but never do, don’t know why :/ It’s nice to hear that things get better/clearer in the second book, because I’m one of those people who’d give up after the first one. 🙂 Nice review Misty!

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