The ABC Book Challenge “Q”

the abc book challenge

Hello bookworms!!

You might be seeing several of these posts coming up since I am getting ready to have surgery which I will talk more about in tomorrows post. I am not sure who the creator of this is so if you know please mention it in the comments so I can credit them. In each post I will share my most memorable books and the books that are still on my TBR that corresponds to the specific letter of the post. Also I won’t be counting A and The. I don’t have many letters left to complete so I will just be sharing them periodically until I finish them.

Most memorable titles that start with “Q”

The Quickie

Books on my TBR starting with “Q”

queen of shadows

The Queen of Nothing

A Quiet Kind of Thunder

Surprisingly I haven’t read many books that start with Q. Only 2 actually and one of them was 2 stars so not really worth mentioning. Have you read any of the books I mentioned? Which one of my TBR books do you think I should read immediately?


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