Day-A-Thon TBR


Hello bookworms!!

Lili and Noriko are back with Day-A-Thon which is a 24 hour readathon that they cohost and they have created the graphics I am using in this post today as well. I try to participate in every single one that they do. Sometimes I do good other times I don’t but it’s always fun to try. I haven’t been this excited for a readathon in a while because this one couldn’t have come at a better time. I had my surgery on Wednesday the 19th and have barely read anything since then which isn’t good because I was supposed to share my review for a blog tour tomorrow but it’s now going to be a promo post because I haven’t finished it yet.

Anyways lets get into the rules shall we.


Well there aren’t any rules actually. You are just supposed to read as much as you can in 24 hours starting at 8 p.m. in your time zone on Friday the 28th. I sometimes like to start at the same time Lili and Noriko do that way we are reading at the same time so if I manage to actually stay awake I will be starting at 8 a.m. Friday the 28th. Lili and Noriko are an hour apart from each other but I’m pretty sure 8 a.m. for me is 8 p.m. for one of them. If  I don’t manage to wake up early enough I will just start at 8 p.m.

Now it’s time to see what my TBR looks like for this round of Day-A-Thon.

I’m currently in the middle of 4 different books at the moment. The Wrongful Death is my number one priority since it’s the one I should have already had finished for the blog tour. I’m 25% into it already. Next up I will be reading this weeks chapters for my buddy read of Little Women. I only have to read 7 chapters so this one will be easy to do. I then have After Care which I am listening to the audiobook of and am 25% into this one as well. Lastly is A Bend in the Road which I started before my surgery and got 89 pages read. I don’t expect to finish all of these in 24 hours but it would be nice if I can complete The Wrongful Death and make a little more progress in the rest of them.

If you want to join in on the fun you can let them know by tagging them on social media and using the hashtags.

Goodreads: Lili, Noriko
Twitter : @Norin_76, @lilikmarcus
Hashtags: #dayathon #dayathon2020

Are you going to be joining? What are you planning to read? 


17 thoughts on “Day-A-Thon TBR

      1. Yeah if I wasn’t enjoying what I was reading it would make it harder. I didn’t read the Harry Potter books when they first came out. I don’t even remember exactly when it was that I finally read them.

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      2. I remember totally. I used to be a reading mentor/tutor if elementary age kids, and the boy I tutored was totally into it, so I had to read it. Obsessed I became….

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  1. This sounds like so much fun! Unfortunately I can’t participate this go around. I’ll be chaperoning a bunch of teens at a lock-in. I’ll have to try real hard not to spend that time thinking about the fact that I could be reading instead! LOL!

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  2. Thanks for participating, Misty! I am so glad to have you reading with us 🙂
    Have fun and don’t push yourself too hard, you’ve just come back from the surgery!

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