Kindle Klean-Up Challenge (2) #kindlebookaddiction #KindleKleanUp


Hello bookworms!!

Today I am here with the second installment in my Kindle Klean-Up Challenge that was created by Nina from The Cozy Pages. For those who might not know what this is basically I am going to be going through all of my kindle books and getting rid of the ones I am no longer interested in or didn’t like etc. In each post I will talk about the 5 oldest books on my kindle. Ok without further delay lets get to the books.

Soldier by Liliana Rhodes


I added this book back in 2014 and I still haven’t read it. I read a Mafia romance last year and I ended up enjoying it so based on that and the fact that the synopsis is intriguing I am going to keep this one.

Intrigued by M.S. Parker

Club Prive

I added this one in 2014 as well. It took me forever to realize that Intrigued was actually Club Prive book 1. Back when I added it, it was Club Prive. Anyways While the synopsis does sound a little intriguing I am trying to be selective so I think I am going to get rid of this one.

Fixed on you Laurelin Paige

Fixed on You

Apparently I added a lot of books back in 2014. Based on the synopsis and 1 review that I read by someone I follow I have decided to keep this one.

Chasing Perfection by M.S. Parker

Chasing Perfection

Yet another add from 2014 that I have yet to read. This doesn’t really sound like something I would like so I am going to get rid of it.

Sexy Berkeley by Dani Lovell 2014

Sexy Berkeley

Last up is yet another 2014 add. This one doesn’t sound interesting to me anymore so I am going to get rid of it as well.

Previous Total: 180

Added: 21

Starting Total: 201

Kept: 2

Removed: 3

New Total: 198

So since my last post I have added 21 ebooks. A lot of authors started offering their books for free and I couldn’t pass them up. Because of that I ruined my progress but that’s ok I am still going to do this. I still made progress today because I am trying to be very selective with what I am keeping I got rid of 3 out of 5 books which I am happy with.


9 thoughts on “Kindle Klean-Up Challenge (2) #kindlebookaddiction #KindleKleanUp

    1. Yeah I’m definitely happy that I was able to remove 3 when I went in fully expecting to want to keep them all. I decided to keep up with it so I can see if removing some of them actually helps in the long run.

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    1. Yeah I don’t typically worry about it either. I decided to do it because I went through a phase a couple years ago where I added all of the free books and most of them are still unread so this is a way for me to remind myself what I have and to get rid of ones I am no longer interested in.

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