Kindle Klean-Up Challenge (3) #kindlebookaddiction #KindleKleanUp


Hello bookworms!!

Today I am here with the next installment in my Kindle Klean-Up Challenge that was created by Nina from The Cozy Pages. For those who might not know what this is basically I am going to be going through all of my kindle books and getting rid of the ones I am no longer interested in or didn’t like etc. In each post I will talk about the 5 oldest books on my kindle. Ok without further delay lets get to the books.


Come Monday by Mari Carr

Come Monday

I got this book in December of 2014 and I am pretty sure it’s one of the many I have gotten for free over the years. While the synopsis is still intriguing to me I have decided to get rid of this one after reading some reviews.

Her Twisted Pleasures by Amelia James


Another one I got for free in December of 2014. The synopsis makes is sound like there might be some cheating involved and I just don’t really care for that so I am going to get rid of this one as well.

The Businessman’s Tie by Deena Ward


Again I got this for free in December of 2014. This one just doesn’t sound interesting to me anymore so I am getting rid of it as well.

On My Own Two Feet by Amy Purdy

On My Own Two Feet

I got this in January of 2015 and I am pretty sure I bought this one. I have already read this one and I enjoyed it. I first learned about Purdy when she competed on Dancing with the Stars and when I heard about her book I had to get it. Even though I probably won’t reread this I am going to keep it.

Weak for Him by Lyra Parish


I got this one for free in January of 2015 as well and I think I am going to get rid of it. It just doesn’t sound good to me anymore.

Previous Total: 198

Added: 13

Starting Total: 211

Kept: 1

Removed: 4

New Total: 207

Since my last post in this series I added 12 more books to my kindle. I just can’t seem to turn down the free books that authors have been offering lately. Please send help!! I don’t really know if I should consider this as being successful or not considering I keep adding more books. Like I said last time I am still going to participate in this challenge because I am still managing to get rid of some so that’s a plus I guess. 


16 thoughts on “Kindle Klean-Up Challenge (3) #kindlebookaddiction #KindleKleanUp

  1. Not sure if you are supposed to be adding to our TBRs, but On My Own Two Feet looks really good and I am going to see if I can find a copy of it. Good job deleting 4 books, but yes, I have been adding way too many freebies lately, but they all look so good.

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    1. I should ignore them but for some reason my brain just won’t let me lol. Thank you I’m glad I’m actually getting rid of some. I was so worried that once I read the synopsis of all of the books again I would still be interested in them.

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