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Romanceopoly Readathon TBR #Romanceopolyathon

Romanceopoly 2020 board

Hello bookworms!!

This year I am participating in Romanceopoly which is a challenge that the ladies from Under The Covers Book Blog & PeaceLoveBooksxo created. Basically it’s a monopoly board and each square has a different prompt. They always do 2 readathons throughout the year to help those who have maybe fallen behind and it’s time for the first one.

This readathon will be from April 27th – May 3rd and there are 7 prompts. You don’t have to go in any order on the board during the readathons but in order to complete a prompt the book has to fit a square on the board and you can use 1 book for multiple prompts. I have picked 6 books for my TBR. I’m not sure if I will be able to get through all of them but I really hope I can. Here are the prompts and the books I have chosen for each one.

Cover has same color as the challenge square (if it’s a non-street or corner, pick black or white on the cover)⁠

Ice Planet Barbarians

I chose Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon which will  tick off the Outer Space Square. The color for that square is pink and while this book is mostly blue there is some pink so I am counting it.

Recommended to you⁠

In Bed with a Highlander

I chose In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks which will tick off The Cobbles Square. Honestly all of the books on this TBR except for one I got off of the romanceopoly website where they recommend books for each prompt so any of these could count.

Already on your bookshelf or TBR⁠ & Longest title on your TBR

Dark Lover

I chose Dark Lover by J.R. Ward which ticks off the Fated Folly Square. I am using this for 2 of the prompts. I already have this on my bookshelf and while this isn’t the longest book on my TBR it is the longest book on this particular TBR so I am counting it.

Debut or new to you author or series⁠


I chose Justified by Jay Crownover which ticks off the Spring square. Again I could use any book on this TBR except for one of them.

⁠Animal(s) on the cover⁠

The Last Wolf

I chose The Last Wolf by Maria Vale which ticks off the Fang Alley Square. I have no idea what this book is about but I really love this cover.


Lock and Key

I chose Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen which ticks off the Library square. I just went with this book because it was the first one I came across that I new I owned already.

That’s it. Those are the 6 books I really hope I am able to finish in a week. Some of the books I have chosen can actually work for more than one prompt so if I’m not able to read all of the books maybe I will still be able to complete each prompt. We shall see how it goes.

Are you participating in Romanceopoly this year? Do you plan to take part in this readathon? What do you plan to read for each prompt? 


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