Book Hauls

April Book Haul

Book Haul

Hello bookworms!!

I started my book buying ban in February and so far I am doing really well. I only banned myself from buying physical books and so far I have bought 0 even though there are a few that I really want but I am sticking to this ban!! Even though I have put myself on the ban my book hauls are still as big as ever. I’ve won some giveaways over the past few months started going crazy again with the free ebooks and this month I actually purchased some ebooks myself so yeah I still have a lot to share with y’all. So here is all of the books I got in April.


  • Physical Library Loans (I listend to the audiobook on Scribd for this as well)
  1. Immortal in Death by J.D. Robb
  • Digital Loans
  1. The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare (audiobook from Scribd)
  2. Little Women Series by Louisa May Alcott (audiobook from Scribd)
  3. Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon (audiobook from Scribd)

NetGalley & Review Copies

The Fallen Angel

Free Ebooks

Gifted & Giveaway Wins


That is 20 more books added to my ever growing TBR. What books did you haul in April? Did we get any of the same books? Have you read any of these? 




8 thoughts on “April Book Haul

    1. I have never won a goodreads giveaway even though I enter them all of the time. I enter a lot of YouTube, Instagram, blog and twitter giveaways. I used to not be lucky but I kept entering and eventually started winning.

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