#20booksofsummer20 Wrap Up

20 books of summer

Hello bookworms!!

In June I shared my TBR for the #20booksofsummer20 that is hosted by Cathy from 746books. If you want to see all of the books that I had hoped to read click on the TBR link. Today I am sharing with you the 6 books I actually managed to read. You read that right I only managed to read 6 of the 20 books I had hoped to read. Cathy said we were allowed to change books out if we wanted/needed to but I decided to stick to the original TBR because pretty much all of the books I chose are books I am dying to read but keep putting them off for some reason. So while I definitely read more than 20 books between June 1 and September 1 only 6 of them were from the original TBR. Ok enough rambling. Here are the 6 books I read in no particular order along with links to the Goodreads review.

Ceremony in Death by J.D. Robb

Ceremony In Death

Wizard and Glass by Stephen King

Wizard and Glass

If It Bleeds by Stephen King

If it Bleeds

Slated by Alexis Sands


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

The Hate U Give

What Unbreakable Looks Like by Kate McLaughlin

What Unbreakable Looks Like

I had initially thought that I enjoyed most of the books that I read but putting this post together made me realize that I actually didn’t enjoy that many of them. I only really enjoyed 1 maybe 2 of the 6 that I read but hey I read them so I am happy. Did you participate in this challenge? How did you do?


13 thoughts on “#20booksofsummer20 Wrap Up

  1. I did change my lust this year as I realized trying to read 9 books from one series over 3 months was not going to happen. Challenges are for fun, so whatever you read is good. I am sorry you only enjoyed 2 of them though.

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    1. I physically read. Are you liking it?

      I wish I was able to read that many books in a month it would help get through them quicker lol. Although I can’t complain considering I can usually manage between 8-10 that’s pretty good to me. It’s much better than before lol.

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      1. Right now I have the time to read more than usual. I’ll take it. But quality over quantity any day 😁

        I’m fascinated by the book, but it’s a hard topic and not a book I would recommend for just anyone.

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      2. Yeah being a stay at home wife I have plenty of time on my hands I just tend to waste a lot of it by being on YouTube lol. I agree quality over quantity I just wish I could get to where I don’t waste so much of my time doing other things like YouTube.

        Yes it’s totally a hard topic. Overall I had some issues with the book but I still liked it and definitely think it’s a topic that needs to be talked about more.


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