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The “Would You Rather?” Book Tag


Hello bookworms!!

I was tagged by Destiny from Howling Libraries to do the Would You Rather Book Tag. Destiny has an awesome blog and she is an all around amazing human being so if you aren’t already following her I recommend you do. 


  • Answer the questions given to you by your nominator
  • Make up your own questions and tag others!

Destiny’s Questions:

1.  Would you rather a series you love never get its final book, or have its final book with an ending you dislike?

Ok we are starting with a hard one here but I think I would rather have the final book with and ending I dislike. Just because I don’t like the way a book ends doesn’t make it a bad ending I just prefer a happy ending in everything I read. 

2. Would you rather your favorite series get a cheesy adaptation with the perfect cast, or an otherwise good adaptation with a cast you hate?

The only thing that makes me hate a cast is if it was really bad acting so I think I would rather have a cheesy adaptation with the perfect cast because honestly I love cheesy lol. 

3. Would you rather cry at every book you read, or never feel strong emotions about any book you read?

I would rather cry at every book I read. I consider myself to be pretty emotional but it takes a lot to make me cry while reading a book. 

4. Would you rather meet your favorite author or your favorite character?

Hmm… I would love to meet both actually but if I had to pick I think I would rather meet my favorite author. 

5. Would you rather every book you read have romance, or never read a book with a romance again?

Ok Destiny I feel like this question was asked specifically for me (I’m not that special lol) I would absolutely hands down prefer to have a romance in every single book I read that would be perfection to me. I know romance isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but it’s definitely mine.

6. Would you rather read a book with a great plot and unlikable characters, or a boring plot and amazing characters?

Ok I just don’t like this question at all because I want a good plot and good characters but since I have to pick one I am going to say I would rather have a great plot and unlikable characters because I feel like I could still be drawn into the story even if the characters were horrible. 

7. Would you rather visit any bookish world you want, but only for an hour, or only visit one bookish world, but stay as long as you want?

I think I would rather visit any bookish world I want for an hour because I can visit as many as I want that way. I would definitely get bored of the one world after a while.

8. Would you rather never blog again, or have to post a blog post every single day?

I have posted every single day before and while it’s stressful sometimes I think I would rather do that than to never blog again. One day I might grow tired of blogging but right now I love it and I’ve been doing it for 4 years and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

9. Would you rather give up your blog and keep all bookish social media, or keep your blog and leave all bookish social media?

I would keep my blog and leave all bookish social media. I’m not good at Instagram. I feel like my photos suck compared to others (I know I shouldn’t compare myself to others but I do). I think I am most active on my blog as well so it would make since to keep it.

10. Would you rather read outside on a sunny day, or inside on a rainy day?

Inside on a rainy day. I don’t like being in the heat unless I am swimming because at least then I am cool.

That was fun and a little hard. I’m not tagging anyone but if you want to do this tag I would love to see your answers to Destiny’s questions. If you decide to do this tag please link back to a specific post of mine so I can see your answers and don’t forget to check out Destiny’s blog.


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