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My Week In Books 10/5 – 10/11

Hello bookworms!!

I think I have finally gotten my reading mojo back after being in a slump for over a month and I am very happy about that. Maybe now I can get caught up on some of my challenges. Anyways here is a look back at what my week has been like reading wise.

~ Recently Finished ~

The Return

I picked up The Return which is Nicholas Sparks’ newest release in the hopes that my favorite author could help me out of my slump and I have to say I think it did the job. While this isn’t my favorite book by him I still enjoyed it and you can read my thoughts on it here. I know y’all are looking at this saying I thought you got your reading mojo back? Well wait until you see my currently reading list.

~ Currently Reading ~

Yeah so as you can see I have several books in progress which means I’m not finishing them as quickly as I usually would but I am reading. I’m actually only actively reading the last 4 at this point but the first 2 have been started. I’ve read 25 pages of Highland Fire and 12 pages of Fairest. I am now 711 pages into Wolves of the Calla and 143 pages into Cujo. I actually wasn’t planning on reading Enola Holmes but I found it at Walmart and it was the only book I had on me while my husband was fishing so I picked it up and I’m 110 pages into that one. I finally got back to buddy reading the Anne of Green Gables series last week and I read 103 pages of Anne of Windy Poplars.

~ Reading Next ~

I’m going to focus on getting that Currently Reading list down but I do have 2 books left from my October Bookshelf Challenge TBR that I haven’t started yet so those will most likely be next.

What have you recently finished reading? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to read next?


15 thoughts on “My Week In Books 10/5 – 10/11

  1.’s my sob story. I use the nook app on my iPad. I ordered an Emily Griffin. The book didn’t show up so I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Turns out that Barnes and Noble is having an issue and now no books show up in the library, by far worst moment of 2020


      1. Yes. Apparently there’s an issue which they’ve been working on since yesterday. I exacerbated the situation by deleting the app, so now I can’t even read the two books I read one chapter a day….so frustrated

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