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The Hallotober Book Tag

Hello bookworms!!

I have a book tag for you guys today. This one is a October/Halloween themed one. When I saw that Luna from BookishLuna tagged me to do this post I knew I had to get to it sooner rather than later because there’s only a little over a week left in the month. If you aren’t already following Luna you definitely should. She shares a variety of different posts from book reviews to posts about her hobbies and she is just overall an amazing person. Without further delay lets get to the tag.


  • Thank the person who tagged you and link to their post
  • Put the rules at the beginning or after introduction
  • Answer the 13 questions
  • Tag 13 people to do the tag
  • Delete Question 13, add a new number one question of your own
  • You are free to use the tag image somewhere in the post


What is your favorite horror novel or short story?

I don’t actually read a whole lot of horror books but I have been reading a lot of Stephen King books and the one that I have enjoyed most is Misery. Is that really considered horror though? 

What was the last Halloween costume you wore?

I sort of dressed up as a black cat maybe 6 or so years ago. All I did was wear all black and put on a headband with ears on it and drew some whiskers on my face.

What is your favorite fall snack?

I don’t really have a favorite snack specific to fall.

Do you carve pumpkins?

I have carved pumpkins before but I can’t remember the last time I carved one. I know I painted a spider web on a pumpkin using puff paint and then used pipe cleaners to make a spider to put on it but that has been several years ago now. 

Do you prefer horror movies or stories?

I don’t really care either way. To me horror movies are so predictable and often times funny and I haven’t read any books that have scared or creeped me out really but I am still on the hunt.

What is your favorite Halloween memory?

I have a very bad memory so I don’t really remember back that far. I remember bits and pieces about Halloween when I was a kid but I wouldn’t say they were favorites. 

Do you prefer to give out candy or get candy?

I don’t really eat a whole lot of candy so while I do love to get candy I think I would rather give candy out to the kiddos. 

Do you decorate for Halloween or fall?

Sort of. The past couple of years I have been decorating my bookshelf with fall leaves and little pumpkins, skulls and spiders. That’s pretty much the extent of my decorating.

Do you have a favorite urban legend? If so what is it?

No I don’t.

Would you rather spend a night in a grave yard or a haunted house?

I’m going to pick haunted house but only because I don’t do bugs and I’m assuming I would have to sleep on the ground and that’s just a big no for me.

What is your favorite spooky movie?

Hmm… Scream, Hocus Pocus, Tremors and I Know What You Did Last Summer. I don’t know if I would call these favorites but they are movies that I can watch over and over again without getting tired of them and they have a spooky element to them. 

Who is your favorite character from a horror movie or book?

I am just going to say Val from Tremors because I like the actor who plays him.

What is your favorite monster?

Are vampires considered monsters? Well that’s what I am going with either way lol.

I know I am supposed to tag people but I am lazy and I feel like I always tag the same people so I am just going to say if you are interested in doing this then considered yourself tagged and just answer the questions that Luna left for me just please link back to a specific post of mine so I can read your answers. 

12 thoughts on “The Hallotober Book Tag

  1. Besides giving out candy, dressed as a witch (black dress, hat, cape) I don’t do much for Halloween, and I don’t read or watch horror, so this would be a boring tag for me. I enjoyed reading your answers Misty.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Glad you enjoyed doing it, I always worry I am going to tag someone who doesn’t like them.

        Yeah, I would end up being awake the entire night worried about them. A tent would be a better option.

        Liked by 1 person

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