3 Mini Reviews: Eleanor & Park, Fairest And The Wicked King

Hello bookworms!!

I usually do individual reviews but I have fallen behind on my reviews for the books I read in October and I put off writing the reviews for so long that I don’t think I will have enough to say about each book to warrant its own post so I decided to combine these three books into one review post. I’m not going to be including the synopsis for any of these books to keep this post from being entirely too long but I will leave a link to them on Goodreads. Lets get to the reviews now shall we.

eleanor & park

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

****(4 stars)

This could be considered spoilery so if you haven’t read this book then skip this review. This was my first book by this author. While I was reading this I was thoroughly enjoying it but after it ended I wasn’t really sure how I felt about it. When there’s a romance involved in a book I want things to end up a certain way and when they don’t end the way I want them to it bums me out. This book didn’t end how I wanted it to. The ending wasn’t bad and is probably more of a realistic ending for a couple 17 year olds but I don’t always want realistic. This book had me feeling all of the feelings while reading it. The ending felt a little rushed to me and I would have liked for certain characters to have repercussions but overall I really enjoyed this book.


Fairest by Marissa Meyer

***(3 stars)

If you didn’t know this is a Novella from Levana’s point of view. We get her origin story and find out what turned her into the evil Lunar Queen. Honestly after reading this I don’t think we are ever really told why she became so evil. Yes there are instances where she was treated horribly by certain people but for the most part I felt like she was evil just to be evil. I’m not a fan of villains so I couldn’t connect to her as a character because I just didn’t like her but I did enjoy reading this because we also get a little back story on Cinder and Winter as well.

The Wicked King

The Wicked King by Holly Black

****(4 stars)

I have seen a lot of people say that they enjoyed this book more than the first book but I’m not so sure I feel the same way. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed this book. I ended up reading it in like a day because it was an easy book to become immersed in. The first half of this book was a little bit slower paced and hard to really be into because not a whole lot happened. The last half however is where things picked up. I have to say the hate to love trope in these books is done so well and I am fully into this romance. There were some twists thrown in that I didn’t see coming, especially with that ending and I hope I will be reading the next book in November.


12 thoughts on “3 Mini Reviews: Eleanor & Park, Fairest And The Wicked King

  1. I totally get your review of Eleanor & Park!! I’m okay with an ambiguous ending; they used to frustrate me so much, but the more I get into the study of creative writing, I guess I’m learning to appreciate them from a writer’s perspective. As a reader, they are definitely so frustrating!

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    1. Yeah I prefer a happily ever after in all of my books but that’s just preference. I can totally see how the way the author wrote it is more realistic and I like that but it still bums me out a little but that doesn’t make me hate the book or anything.

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  2. Great mini reviews Misty. I like happy endings to, but sometimes it just doesn’t fit. I wondered about Levana’s story. I have only read two in the series, but do hope to finish it up. Not sure if I will read all the novellas though.

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