This Week In Books

My Week In Books 12/28 – 1/3

Hello bookworms!!

It’s time for another weekly round up of what I’ve been reading. I took the last few days of December off from reading so I could start fresh in the new year so I haven’t been able to finish any books yet but I have started a few.

~ Currently Reading ~

I’ve started my first buddy read book for the year. Erin and I are continuing on with our buddy reads and we are starting it off with Anne of Ingleside which is the 6th book in the series. I’m about halfway through the book right now having read 155/336 pages. We are reading 10 chapters a week so this book will be in this currently reading section for another week. I started A Map for Wrecked Girls and have read 68/361 pages. I’m into it but I haven’t been fully hooked on the story so we will see how this goes. Lastly I started the #KeeperofKing group read book last night. If you don’t know every month a group of us on Instagram read a King book and this months book is The Dead Zone. I’ve read 66/574 pages so far so not really enough to have an opinion on it yet although I will say some things happened right off the bat that I don’t like at all.

~ Reading Next ~

Legally Blind Luck

I am beta reading this for the author so I will be starting this very soon. Probably before I even finish any of the other books I am currently reading.

What have you recently finished reading? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to read next?


14 thoughts on “My Week In Books 12/28 – 1/3

  1. I really like the cover on A Map for Wrecked Girls. I hope it ends up picking up and pulling you in. Seeing the Anne books on here constantly reminds me to pick up the second book finally, but I still haven’t done it.

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    1. I was initially drawn to the book because of the cover and after reading the synopsis I decided to buy it. Thank you it’s not bad or anything there’s just not a whole lot going on yet. I hope you continue on with the series soon.

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    1. Hopefully they are all good!! 🤞 I just started it today. I’ve loved everything he’s released so far and I have no doubt I will love this one too. I think he is planning on doing a blog tour. I think I’ve read something about it.

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