2021 Goals

Hello bookworms!!

So I don’t usually make yearly goals/resolutions because I know I am going to fail them and honestly that will probably be the case for the goals I am setting myself for this year but for some reason I really felt like setting some goals this year and I will try to accomplish all of them but that’s doubtful. This is a mixture of bookish goals and personal goals so lets get started.

1.) Complete all of my reading challenges – A couple days ago I shared my 2021 Reading Challenges and in that post I shared 10 different challenges I am participating in this year. I would like to for once actually complete every single challenge I set out to do. Maybe 2021 will be my year.

2.) Cut back on Dr Pepper /lose weight – I am including these together because my heart doctor told me I needed to cut back to one Dr Pepper a week and that I needed to lose weight to hopefully help with the heart palpitations I am having although he did tell me that he is fairly certain that my heart is not the cause of the palpitations. I’ve been working on cutting back on the Dr. Pepper for over a month now and while I’m not to one a week I think I have made pretty good progress so far. The losing weight bit is going to be the hardest thing for me because I am a double amputee so exercising is easier said than done for me.

3.) Put back $5 for every book I read – I tried doing this a couple of years ago and it never worked out so I wanted to give it another try. I got the idea for this from Lois. So if I read my goal of 100 books this year by the end of the year I should have $500 saved. That being said though in order to help me not buy so many books this year if I buy a book I have to subtract $5. Hopefully I am not setting myself up for failure with this little curveball added. Whatever I have saved at the end of the year I am allowed to do whatever I want to with it.

4.) Cut back on buying physical books – As I mentioned I am trying not to buy so many books this year. Not because I don’t want more books I just don’t have the room. I need to read some of my owned books to make room for new books which leads me to my next goal.

5.) Read more from my owned books – As of the end of 2020 I have 162 unread books on my shelf. I would ideally like to get that down to at least 100 if not less than that but I think that might be a little ambitious but that’s my goal and I am sticking to it. I think I should also point out that I have 1 bookshelf and that bookshelf has nothing but unread books on it. There might be a few that have been read but the majority of them are unread. I have to put my read books in storage because as I mentioned I have no room. Hopefully that will put it into perspective how bad things are lol.

6.) Read everyday – Ok technically read everyday isn’t exactly my goal. Before I wrote down my goals I had already failed at the read everyday thing so I would just like to read a majority of the days in 2021.

7.) Continue with/complete 5 series- I’m lumping these together because I just want to read more from the series I have ongoing at the moment. I have a list on my phone of all the series that I have started that I want to finish. Are you ready for this number? I have 65 yes 65 series I have started. Some of them I am really close to finishing and some of them I have a lot to read until I finish them so so long as I at least continue and/or finish 5 series this will be a success.

8.) Cut back on ARCs/review copies – To be able to read more of my owned books I have to cut back on ARCs & review copies. I personally haven’t added any books on NetGalley in a while and don’t plan to until I clear that list out. My issue is signing up for review blog tours. I sign up for so many where I have committed to a review and that has got to stop. I don’t plan to cut out blog tours completely but I will mostly be doing promo posts this year.

9.) Build up savings – This doesn’t include the money I put back for every book I read. My husband gets paid weekly and I get a check every month. My plan is to put a little bit of money in savings every time we have money coming in. Now I know things happen and this won’t always be possible but so long as we add when we can I will be happy.

That’s all of my goals for 2021. Some should be fairly easy and some will be harder than others but I will do my best. Have you set any goals for 2021? 


17 thoughts on “2021 Goals

  1. These are great goals! I also want to build up my savings but for a specific home project so once I pay for that I’ll have to start building it up again LOL. I also need to get back to working on my weight loss—if only food weren’t so tempting! Good luck with all of these, Misty!

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    1. Thank you!! I guess we will technically be saving to get our own place again. We’ve been living with the in laws for a while and we really miss being in our own place but we can’t afford it right now. Yeah I love me some food lol. Thank you and good luck with your goals as well.

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