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My Week In Books 1/11 -1/17

Hello bookworms!!

I had a pretty good reading week this week. I finished all of the books I set out to finish at the beginning of the week so I am very happy with that. Anyways here is what my reading has looked like this week.

~ Recently Finished ~

I beta read Legally Blind Luck for the author and I finally finished it mid week. For some reason when I beta read I read a lot slower and I am already a slow reader so yeah it took me longer than I had planned to finish it. Next up I finished my first buddy read of the year with Erin. We read Anne of Ingleside which was book 6 in the series and for the most part I’m still enjoying it. Lastly I finished The Dead Zone. This was the first book of the year for the #KeeperofKing group and I again enjoyed it but had some issues in the end. Keep an eye out for a review post coming soon. 

~Currently Reading ~

I still haven’t picked up A Map for Wrecked Girls since I initially started it and got 68 pages into it. I need to get back to this book so I can finish it. I have also started A Quick Bite but I am only 38 pages into it so I don’t really have much of an opinion yet. Lastly I started Baby Doll. I had previously started this years ago and got like 15% into but I wasn’t in the mood for it at the time so I put it down. I started it again the other day and got 5% into it so again not much of an opinion yet but hopefully I will finally finish it. 

~ Reading Next ~

These are the last 3 books I have left on my TBR. If I do like I did this week and read 3 books each week I should be able to finish all of these and the 3 I am currently reading. Royally Screwed will probably be the last book I pick up because I want it fresh in my mind for the YouTube live show on the 1st of February. As for the other 2 I don’t know which one I will pick up first.

What have you recently finished? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to read next? Have you read any of the books I mentioned? 


15 thoughts on “My Week In Books 1/11 -1/17

  1. Looks like a great week for you!
    I am reading Once Upon a Dream now. I started it last night and I didn’t expect to like it because I actually never really enjoyed the story of Sleeping Beauty but I wanted to read it anyway because I want to work my way through all of the Twisted Tales. I am actually enjoying it more than I thought I would.

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    1. I’m excited to read it. I had someone tell me that they enjoyed the story even though they aren’t a fan of the sleeping beauty story so hopefully it won’t be a novelization of the movie.


  2. I hope you enjoyed Jay’s book. I have Baby Doll on my kindle and have never picked it up. I will watch for your review Misty. Enjoy all your upcoming reads.


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