Do Comics and Manga Count for a Reading Challenge?

Hello bookworms!!

Today instead of sharing my own post I am reblogging this post from Michelle who asked me if I thought comics and manga should count toward reading challenges? She has shared our answers in this post. Please take a moment to read through her post and share your thoughts on the matter and while you’re there give her a follow if you haven’t already.

Chelle's Book Ramblings

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I’ve wanted to talk About this topic for a while and now I have finally found the perfect excuse.. LOL .. Little backstory, I have done The Goodreads reading challenge for 5 Years now.. And some goals have been easy to meet, while others still left me wondering what was I thinking when I believed I could read that much..

2020 (a year that we know has been a lighter version of The Zombie apocalypse — I’m dramatic I know but still) I thought that I wasn’t going to achieve My goal (I wasn’t really in the mindframe to care about it too much) So, It was quite surprising when I noticed that I actually did meet my goal with even one book over it. When i look more in depth on how that happened, I noticed that It was mostly due to reading a lot of manga towards the…

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8 thoughts on “Do Comics and Manga Count for a Reading Challenge?

  1. Thanks for sharing this post Misty. I agree completely. When I was teaching, I often had to support kids who chose graphic novels to read and teachers telling them they had to read “real Books” so frustrating.

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    1. Of course I’m grateful to Michelle for allowing me to be a part of her post. I don’t get why people think they aren’t real reading. I meant are you or are you not reading/consuming a story? It’s so annoying sometimes.

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    1. Yeah I count everything I read. I mean if I’m consuming a story whether that be by physically reading it or listening to it no matter the size of it I am counting it toward my challenges for sure. Thank you for your thoughts on the subject.

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