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My Week In Books 2/1 – 2/7

Hello bookworms!!

I had another good reading week. Well I guess I should say weekend. While I did read during the week the majority of my reading was done Friday – Sunday. I am more of a night owl so I love staying up late on the weekends reading. Anyways I finished 3 books this week and so long as I finish 3 books each week I should be able to read all of the books on my February TBR. Anyways here is what my reading has looked liked this past week. 

~ Recently Finished ~

I started off the month reading my shortest read and that was The Littlest Dinosaur. I am participating in a blog tour in March and I wanted to get a head start. I might actually read it again between now and the date of the blog tour because I’m still not sure what I thought about it. Keep an eye out for that review in March. Next I finished I Have Lost My Way. I bought this book like 3 years ago and have just now gotten around to reading it. I was really enjoying this book until I got to the end and I was a little disappointed in how things were wrapped up. Lastly I finished Extinction of All Children which is a book I got from Netgalley years ago and am just now reading. I did enjoy this book but I have some thoughts on it which I will be sharing in a mini reviews post hopefully tomorrow. 

~ Currently Reading ~

I have started both of my month long buddy reads. The first one is my buddy read of Rilla of Ingleside with Erin. I am still waiting to hear from her on whether or not she plans to continue it all the way through or not. I will for sure finish it either way. So far I have read 104/277 pages. The other book I started was The Dark Tower which I am reading with the #KeeperofKing group on Instagram. I’m not hating this book but I’m not loving it either. I am just ready to finish this series off. I have read 318/1050 pages. 


~ Reading Next ~

I still have 7 books left on my TBR that I haven’t started yet and I think the three I am going to try to read this week are Slayer, Little Black Dresses, Little White Lies and The Taming of the Rake. I am so happy that I will finally be reading Slayer. I have been excited about this book since it came out but kept putting off reading it. Of course I also look forward to reading the other 2 as well.

What have you recently finished reading? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to read next? Have you read any of the books I mentioned? Are any of them on your TBR? 


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