Mini Reviews: I Have Lost My Way & Extinction Of All Children

I Have Lost My Way

I Have Lost My Way by Gayle Forman

***.5 (3.5 stars)

We follow Freya, Harun and Nathaniel. We get chapters for each character where we learn the back story for them and how they have ended up where they are now. We also get chapters from now which is when they have all met and everything that ensues after. I really enjoyed this story and I actually pretty much read the whole thing in one sitting aside from like 20 pages. I liked everyone’s back stories and learning about what has led them to where they are now. That being said though I was really disappointed in how it ended. The author took all this time telling us about their lives leading up to when they met and then it ends with a lot of things unresolved. When I read a standalone book I want everything to be wrapped up. I don’t want to be left with any questions. If it wasn’t for how it ended it could have been a 4-5 star read for me but sadly the ending ruined some of my enjoyment.

Extinction of All Children by L.J. Epps

**** (4 stars)

Thank you to NetGalley and the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

When I saw that this was for fans of The Hunger Games and the Divergent Trilogy I immediately got the entire trilogy. This is pretty similar to The Hunger Games but not so much so that you feel like you’re reading the exact same book. In this world which is our world just set in the future. It’s also divided into 3 territories based on how much money you have. You have Territory U which is for the Upper Class, Territory M which is for Middle Class and Territory L which is Lower Class. Emma our main character is in Territory L. She was the last baby born who was allowed to live and now that she is 18 the president is throwing a party to celebrate and things go from there.

Not a whole lot happens in this book but I was immediately drawn into the story. The only thing that really bugged me while I was reading was how Emma kept referring to her parents as Mother and Father and how her entire family kept secrets from her and treated her like she was a child. You don’t really know who you can trust in this book. I’m still not sure if I trust certain people even though they haven’t really given me a reason not to. Overall I really enjoyed this book and think it is a great set up for the trilogy and I can’t wait to continue on with the next book very soon.

12 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: I Have Lost My Way & Extinction Of All Children

  1. Was the ending of Have I Lost My Way too open-ended that readers can’t interpret the ending? I know nothing was resolved but is it possible that the ending was written for the reader to decide what happens to the characters?

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